depression and fibro

or should it be fibro and depression i find myself living in an area that i dont no many ppl i had to move from my home town cos of various reasons seperation being 1 of them anyhow now im fighting the system to qualify for dla and esa im on the lowest income they can give me im appealing both bodies but im just sick of it gp is great and knows depression is a result of fibro but im at a point now where im on my own and i struggle everyday with pain and tears it would be so easy to end it all and just give in i have enough tablets to make me sleep so that i dont wake i try to get out and im good at making friends but then you have to tell them why 1 day you feel ok and the next you cant even get out of bed and that in itself is difficult im at my wits end i have to fight myself so i dont end it all i dont no how long i can do this for its been 2 years already

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  • dont think like that :(

    if you need to have a moan or a laugh we are all here for you :)

    i really hope you hang in there hun maybe you may have reached the bottom

    but the only way is up now ,dont let fibro beet you

    gentle hugs xxxxx

  • lyn don't give in please don't let this thing take you and swollow you up . you can keep going . we are all hear and we are hear night and day when ever you need us . if you need me or someone will inbox are phone number if that will help but please please just don't give up . don't let them or it win . you can be strong . your are not a sick person you are a PERSON with an illness . don't let it win if youneed inbox and i will give you my phone number

  • Hi, lynn,

    At least we all understand and there is always someone on here to let it all out. :)

    Like lynz says hopefully this is rock bottom and the only way is up for.

    Having a great doctor is one battle won.

    Just wanna give you a big gentle hug, and dont forget we are always here hun,

    kel xxx

  • I have been where you are now on so many occasions. My lifeline is my dogs. they snuggle up when I am down, throw a tennis ball at me when I really just want to be left alone, smile at me through my tears, but most important give me a reason to get through the next 24 hours. I live alone, have no family and only support is paid for carers. But my dogs give me the reason to carry on. Plus dont forget there is always someone on here 24 hours a day, so someone will always help you even if the darkest hours

  • hi julieeru just reading your blog to lynn , trying to make her feel better and i see that you are like me . sorry we are on this site so yes we are alike . no talking about dogs god i would be lost without them as i have to get up i have to see to them it isjust like having kidds but not as much mess. no my boys are grown and left home , well i have 4 dogs how many yo got . 2 chauhauas 1 16 1 18 months . and to jachauas 2 18 month sisters . so if i am to bad to take them out i can throu a ball in hall for them . but when i am bad they love nothink moor than cuddeling up in on the couch . god they do love that , like at the mo got 3 ontop of eachother and my old lady cuddeld up on otherside sofft hugs :)

  • Try and find a local FMS support group, it would good to make friends with people with th same condition, they would then understand why you have good and bad days. There are other FMS site online and you should find one that has local supports groups. Good Luck !!

  • aww Lynn, I know just where you're coming from. We're here and so are Samaritans, and hopefully a local FM support group. Have you look one up on the internet? Do you have nurses at your GP practice? They may know of one.

    Just take one hour at a time. Would you like to speak to someone? Have you got friends to talk to on the phone? Hugs to you hun. We know just how you feel. Please don't give up.

  • Please dont ever feel that you are alone i know we are not physically with you but on here it as good as please try and keep positive it is hard some days i know i have a lovely family friends who help me an awful lot but there are days when i feel so alone with this but they are fewer now i am on here there are so many lovely people on here they cheer me up with there fibro fog tales and some days you want to cry for them but we always there for eackh other anf gee each other up and on so please keep coming on here and some days i can be here 2 hours it jus fly by you look at questions and blogs and write your own and before you know it its 2.3 hours gone out of the day you take care now and you know where we all are love to yiou Diddle x

  • Aww Lynn, no what you mean, been there got the T shirt, as has most of us on this site. You keep on truckin sweetie we are here for you, good days and the bad days. loads of gentle hugs :)

  • hi Lynn how you feelin just 1 hour gone and you still trukin be safe hun all are hearts go out to you at this time . and i no being told that we have all been there as at this time you feel that no one has ever been this bad , but we all no can you come on tomorow and talk to us , i will be looking out for you.and you can make a cup of tea and we can get to now one another just like freinds do so speeek tomorow hope you have a good nights sleep hun by for now :)

  • Hi, I was feeling awful last night so I put candles in the bathroom,had a lovely long soak in the bath and felt much better.Talk to us,do not give in to this depression which fibro can throw at you,your doctor casn give you the correct meds to help xx soft hugs xx

  • thank you every body for allyour positive thorghts and words i feel a little bit better today gp trying me on a different tablet i do no what you mean about dogs i think without mine i would have given up ages ago i no im stronger than this i will no not give in and let the fibro or govmt agencies win cos i feel now if i lose we all lose but when i win we all win thankyou all for your love and support i will be taking on board everything you all say happy st patricks day love and gentle hugs for every one xxx

  • Aw Lyn, you sound just like me on a bad day!!. I have been fighting the system for the last few years and quite often have felt like it is all too much but it does eventually sort itself out. From experience I can tell you that you have to fight the system and not give in, you are not alone and we have to stand united and fight for our rights however hard it may be.

    I can honestly say that now I am getting things sorted it has taken so much presure off of me and the world seems a nicer place to be. When you feel so down there is only one way to go and that is up so here's to a brighter future for you. Take care xx

  • as all of us say we are behind you we all have bad days depression is a very bad illness i know from experience

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