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i AM SORRY I THINK I MUST BE GIVING OUT SOME NEGATIVE VIBES ACOUPLE OF MEMBERS BLESS THEM AVE PM ME AND ASKED IF I AM OK AS i dont seem my normal self ?(sorry just noticed that left the caps lock on) jus got my laptop back so forgot to turn button off and cant be bothered to re write it so i apologise for the caps in 1st part ,

I am racked with pain today all macross my shoulders and my arms feel like ton weights but i will be ok plus bout 20 hours sleep in a fortnight so that not helping but i will sort it out nothing a good kick up the backside wont cure hay?

oh and jus for the record i ate another carrot cake today in 2 sittings mmmmm i have got one cake left so i have decided that once that has gone i am not having anymore i will decide on another delight to eat for a few days so get your thinking caps on i love stodgy things rice pudding/porridge/jam doughnuts /fresh cream cakes/trifle as you can see nothing healthy

anyway jus to say sorry to you all if i have brougt you all down i didnt mean too love tou you diddle x

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aw my poor friend diddle.. gently hugs sent to u..... u talking about carrot cake.. i never had a sweet tooth till i had fibro... i now dont eat normal food.. dinners tea anything.... and snack on the toffee sweets chocolate eclairs.. and fizzy sweets... no wonder i have no energy eh.. nothing fancy thoug i do love a curry lol

u dont need a kick up the ass babes... bet u like me and others have tried everything in the book to try and help deal with ur symptoms.. i know i have.. but always open to try other things... hope u feel better tomorrow babes x


Hi Diddle.

I dont think your blogs could bring anyone down. I for one enjoy reading them, so dont you worry.

Hugs to you



aw thanks for that bless you i do try to keep everyone happy on here but some days i cant always keep up the mask you know how it is love diddle x


aw thanks for those comments i do try to keep my mask on but some days it slides a bit lol i hope that you enjoy your sweeties love to you all diddle x


Hi Diddle, dont apologise for anything, I think you are funny and cheer me up even when you think you may be down. Hope your aches and pains settle and sometime soon you are able to get a good night sleep. Take care, Love Angela xxxx


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