Well just to ,let you all know that today is the day that i eat my very last carrot cake !!!! yes it is true i have got 1 left in the cuboard and i am fed up of those now so i will eat that and will have to find another treat to satisfy my cravings will keep you all updated as to what it will be when i figure it out myself i keep tthinking it may be pink and white marshmallow sweets ? mmm not sure or liquorice the really soft stuff? i am pondering at min any ideas for my next craving please do send them to me open to all ideas! may be ginger cake? yhe world is my oyster or sould i say asds lol love to you all diddle xxx

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  • Haha, diddle.

    Yes i have an idea lol, i love flapjack, i make the best flapjack, not blowing my own trumpet too much lol.

    It has oats in it so you could sya it was good for you hehe, i think the golden syrup will rule that out tho.

    Good luck with finding a new craving but i think it wont be that hard lol.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • no lol defo liquorice i love the stuff ,and aniseed sweeties ,or bakewell tart ,yum yum ,making myself hungry now lol :-D xxx

  • Do You Make the Cakes Diddle ? How about Lemon Drizzle yummy ! Could invite us all over for a Cuppa n a slice hehehe x

  • ginger is the best especially if it is nice and gooey! good luck with your quest and enjoy checking everything out!


  • well thankyou so much for all your ideas i absolutely love flap jacks had a craving on those few years ago and liquirice yummy bakewell tarts i like but not enough i dont make the cakes myself no but lemon drizzle yummy too amnd ginger now my mind is in cake over load i may jus have to go make a cuppa and have 1st piece of carrot cake bit early but hey ho love tp you all keep the ideas coming love to you all diddle x

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