Feeling sorry for myself :(

Morning everyone but this is a moan.

I am fed up, i have caught a cold and had no sleep which has left me with achy bones and joints everywhere.

I had such a good day yesterday and i thought i had got this fibro sort of under control but no it proves me wrong again.

I have the comfiest bed ever and still i felt like i was lying on a cold hard slab of concrete.

Sorry, I hope everyone else is feeling ok today.

kel xxx

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  • Morning Kel,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling rough love. Typical after a good day isn't it!

    Look after yourself properly and get over the cold as soon as possible and feel free to moan anytime you want :)

    I'm ok thanks, got some stiffness and pain but haven't we all, I'm a lot better than most. Got an 11 month old here today and she's tired but apparently I can't let her go to sleep till about 11:30 :( Yes, well....... I think she will decide when she wants to sleep don't you.

    Sue xxx

  • Thanks sue,

    Hope she is good for you. :)

    Only another hour and 50 mins left then (i think brain not working today lol).

    I would feel better if i had some sleep. I am so grumpy if i dont get my sleep so god help my partner when he gets in, he will prberly want to go back to work lol.

    Hope you can keep her away.

    kel xxx

  • Told you my brain isnt working lol i meant awake.

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling rough Kel. Hope things ease for you during the day.

    FM is a bit like the British weather - wait half an hour and it will change, sadly not always for the better! That's why it has our bodies on constant alert, like trying to balance on a gimball. The shifting patterns of this thing, much like the weather, often catch us flatfooted, but all we can do is adjust and deal as best we can. Take each half hour or hour at a time.

    I've had a really rough couple of days this week. I know the "sun" will come out eventually and give me an easier day. Let's hope for both our sakes, it is soon xx

    PS: Sue I agree with you about the baby! Good luck with her.

  • Thankyou samicat,

    I always find it changes that quick too.

    I think thats why i dont mention most of what bothers me to anyone as it could be bad head one minute and sore hip next then all of them together.

    I just wish it would make up its mind lol.

    Hope your sun comes out today.

    kel xxx

  • hiya kel you moan away thats what we are here for hun ,hope your day not too bad gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Thankyou lynz,

    I need to moan then i feel stupid for doing it. lol

    Suppose it gave me one good day, i shouldnt moan about that lol. :)

    kel xxx

  • so sorry kel, have a good rest, hopefully things will get better

  • Thanx Lalyy,

    I hope it doesnt last too long too,

    Hope you are ok today. :)

    kel xxx

  • Morning Kel, sorry you aint feeling too good, i am not to good myself today but we must soidier on :)

    Hope you feel better soon :)

    CHORLEY :) x

  • You too Chorley,

    I have got no taste buds aso chocolate wont be able to cheer me up, suppose it will stop my bum and hips getting bigger, every cloud eh lol.

    Hope you manage some sleep tonight, its not much to ask for is it. :)

    kel xxx

  • Sounds like we make a good pair today Jazher :) xx

  • Ino, i have picked up abit maybe as bedtime is near and hopefully might get some sleep.

    hope you are ok.

    kel xxx

  • Thankyou christine, a good moan helps loads.

    I have picked up but i am off to bed in aminute, just hoping i get some sleep tonight, fingers crossed.

    kel xxx

  • Hey sweetie - not on yesterday so only just read this - I hope you managed to get some sleep last night - sending you much hugs and positive thoughts xxx

  • Thankyou misskittycat,

    Idid get sleep yeahhh. :)

    feeling bit better today. :)

    kel xxx

  • I know exactly how u feel, thats just how I feel today, so sore and feeling so sorry 4 myself. I have been up from all hrs in agony after spending few hrs yesterday with my granddaughters. Why when u have a good day u end up with wks of agony, feel like I'm being punished for enjoying myself.

  • Nanaanna,

    Aww i am so sorry you feel like that, i am bit better today as i have some sleep. :)

    I know exactly what you mean about enjoying yourself as i had a good start to the week and now suffering for it and all i done is make decent dinners, nothing out the ordenary.

    If i visit somebody that takes all my energy too.

    Hope you feel better soon xxxxxx

    kel xxx

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