Ok so it was me alright i bought a carrot cake from theshop today i opened it lunch time and had a slice with a cup of tea , then i had another slice hour or so later and another one and now there is one bit left sitting there looking at me as if to say well you may as well eat me you ate the rest of me so i am now going to put that dear little slice out of its misery and eat him too !!!!

How bad is that ? but it was not ahuge cake to start with and i have not eaten anything else today and wont eat anything else after that

Who am i trying to convince here/

anyway you all have a nice evening and will be back later (if i can miove ) or sunday love to all diddle x

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  • mind you you could justify it by saying you needed your five a day after all it is carrot cake lol :-D

    have a lovely night xxx

  • mmm that true yes carrot are good for you arent they ??? but not shreds of them with ton of sugar and cream around them lol love diddle x

  • Lol Diddle, bit of cake never hurt anyone :) and no, you really cant leave one little piece on its own, he'd feel all unwanted!!

    Nomnom :)


  • no how could i hace put that lil slice in the dark cuborad all night alone love diddle x

  • you little piggy wiggy didle I have just done the same with a bar of fruit and nut,and am classing that as some of my five a day.

    Hugs Butterfly xx

  • oh dear we will all need weight watchers soon lol love diddle x

  • yes a little bit not the whole thing lol hope you ok now love diddle x

  • lol you would have all had to have been pretty quick to get a bit ha ha and it was carrot cake could have been big chocolate cream cake mmmmm dont know if that really counts but never mind love to you diddle x

  • Lol diddle........ I seem to have lost a bar of chocolate............... I blame the Fibro fog !

    As long as you enjoyed it, that's the main things.



  • lol yeah i lost that cake alright arent i naughty !!!!!!? oh well i look at it like this i was going to have a quarter today the rest sun and the last bit monday ! so instead i ate it all at once so it was all going the same way any way it has saved me the bother of wrapping it all up and getting 2 more plates dirty ! do you agree? i think you will lol love to you all diddle x

  • mmmm i dont know both i suppose lol but it is all i have had today and wont have anything else today (oh well actually that a bit of a lie apparently my sister has got quiche at her house party ( my favourite) so i cant say no when she has bought it especially for me can i ?????? but that really is all i have had how are you my special friend ??????

  • well Ive just eaten all the egg custards, feel really sick now stomachs fit to burst

  • ohh i love thosre too now that is greedy lol was ther 4 in pack or 2 lol love to you diddle x

  • Diddle... it's better to eat it and get all those calories out of the way.. that's what I think anyway ;) . We don't need all those calories just lying around tempting us do we ? lol.

    Reminds me of a daft friend of mine who was moaning she wasn't losing weight on her diet . She was nattering to me while cutting her cheese allowance for the day . She cut a larg-ish piece of cheese and proceeded to cut her 2 ounce allowance off it.......... then popped the big bit that was left into her mouth !

    I almost fell off my chair giggling and she just looked at me and said " What ? " . If she'd been doing that the whole time it's no wonder the diet wasn't working ! .


  • lo that is so funny but yeah lifttle of what you fancy and all that lol love to you diddle x

  • I totally agree with Helen, you may as well get it eaten out of the way. I'm the same with chocolate, small bar or large bar it all has to go lolxx

    Got a referal to the fat clinic so me thinks I may be in for a shock when the appointment comes and I have to give them an idea of what I eat. Do I tell them what they want to hear or do I tell them the truth?? Decisions decisions!. Someone told me that when they went to the fat clinic they were put on a milk diet for 3 months. How can I disguise all the goodies in a glass of milk, ummmm I wonder? xx

  • Diddle, know exactly how you feel, I,m just the same. My justification is that as I've lost most of myother pleasures in life even going out then I deserve some little pick me ups now and then. Have told my husband not to buy cakes or biscuits as I just cant ignore the temptation,but he still does (never listens to me or do you thinbk there may be a method in his madness!!). Went a bit mad about 10 days ago and ate a Snickers bar, earlier a samlon butty and then later a short crust meat pie from Morrisons (yummy). Later I had a cheese butty. Had temporarily forgotten all about my Diverticulitis. Then 1.a.m in the morning it all kicked off. Spent the next 24 hours in bed drinking just water a the occasional dry cracker.and dihydrocodeine. Isn't it awful, it;s not that we're bad people so why are we having to suffer like this? I dont even drink now (only drank in moderation before),have never smoked. Consider myself a caring,family loving person. Must have been a very bad person in an earlier life,thats all I can think it is, the way I suffer now. Anyway gone off track a bit here, a little of what you fancy does you good as long as you dont hurt yourself by going over the top.Don't feel guilty, go ahead enjoy yourself,God we need medals for what we are having to put up with painwise. Would love to have a good blow out or go on a bender, but have to stop and think about what tomorrow would bring. (Just going in the fridge to get myself a yoghurt). Isn't like exciting? ha ha.

  • who ate all the cake? judging by what my mirror is showning me............I DID!!! lol xx

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