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I am really really really down at the min and am crying at the slightest thing it seems like tears are there al the time and it doesnt take alot for them to fall i really do feel so low at the min i am in alot of pain and i thinlk i am struggling coming to terms with this fibro

i think i thought i would wake up after few weeks and i would feel better 9silly i know 0 but i have got a blue badge now and thinking of claiming DLA and i really think it is hitting me that this thing is PERMANENT!!! and this is how it is going to be i am not bitter or wishing it on anyone else

but i am needing to start to accept help which i struggle with at anytime. I am sorry i dont want to bring anyone down on here at all i know you are all suffereing and your probabbly thinking join the club diddle its just it hit me like a brick wall the last few days for some reason.

i have been on line this morning and have booked an appointment with my GP for 9.30am tommorrow and i am thinking of asking my mum to come with me which again is not like me at all i normally deal with things myself but i jus cant at the min

oh well the good thing is it is meant to be 23 here today so ia am gonna get my sun cream out sit in my garden and get my legs brown as they are lilly white at min lol

love to you all and thankyou for all your support the last few weeks it mean alot to come on here and see all your comments they really do help love diddle xxx

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Hugs to you diddle. Yes, take your mum with you...let her know justhow bad things are...she'll proably be relieved that you've shared it at last. Doesn't matter how old you are your mum is still your mum.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine...just don't go red...remember to reapply the suncream! xx

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lol yes will do dont want sunburn on top of fribro ha ha love to you diddle x

dont get down sweetpea have a good day in the sun itl help cheer you up and keep the joints warm hopefully , just try to look at positives that are in the negs and im sure theryl be a few! ......things like you can now park closer to shops know have the right to give people filthy looks and grunt when peeps park in disabled spaces!!!! im hoping through your pain and tears that has made you giggle a little bit? :) hugs x

hi sweetie , sorry to hear that your a bit down right now youre blogs on here have always been so upbeat and cheery . and been uplifting to me hope your feeling back to your usual self as soon as x

hey miss diddle sorry to hear your having a tough time hun. i say bring your mum with u (i have done the same in past) when you ask her, have a chat about how u r feeling and what u want to get from appointment, this way if you get in a muddle or tearful she can always help out. just a tip i do as can get in a bit of a tis. have a lovely day in the sunshine, i am admiring from a far really dont want get sun burn on me blisters lol, maybe i could wear a paper bag or balacava, attractive !! lol. hope u feel brighter soon your this groups own little ray of sunshine, but everyone is allowed cloudy days. sound like u have great support and we r all here too. look after ur self lou x

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Aw you made me cry bless you thanks for your kind words really touched me xxx love diddle x

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Your welcome, bless ya, didn't mean to do that, sending big smiles

:) :) :) :) :)

Have a gd evening lou x

I too am fiding it very hard to accept, for the last 3yrs all Ive done is fight it, but Im ill, its hard to face I dont have the answers, Ive got a wheelchair coming soon, and I feel suicidal at the thought of that, today, I forgot to put my pad on so emptied my bowels all over my pjs, in front of my youngest daughter, I just want to be me again running around after everyone, not this doddery old woman

Hi diddle, cant really say much else as i think everyone else has coverd it but just want to send you a big gentle hug.

take care, kel xxx

Hello diddle I have felt like you for a long time now.I find it so hard as I have no immidiate family in my area, My foster brother is in france and bless him he rings every wednesday and we chat for quite a whils.

A year ago I found my half sister which was wonderful and we are building a nice relationship.But I dont tell either of them of my problems.they are too far away anyway.

mostly it is just me and my little yorkie,whom I feel very guilty I can`t walk as much as I did,but I have a garden for her.

Thankyou for your kind words when I felt very down the other night,I was the Butterfly that didn`t want to fly anymore.

I have one very dear fiend who I have known for 44yrs and she came last night even though I didn`t want her to,and she made me diner and just sat on the bed and held my hand as I cried it all out.

You have had an enourmous ammount of stress lately and if it is now is understandable to cave in for a while.

So don`t hold back darling just let it all out.Ihad the best nights sleep in years last night as I had ranted and let it all out with a friend that loves me dearly,

much love coming your way Jayne xxxxx

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thankyou for that anfd glad i helped in some way the other night i do worry about people on here even though i only blog to them i have still built up a rapour with them an i hate it when i see desperate blogs its awful you just want to go round and see the people but that is impossible of course we all live so far apart but this is the next best thing love to you diddle x

Aww Diddle so sorry not been here long but can see you are a great blogger to folk and yes it does get on top of you at times, great that you have made that appointment and brill idea to take your Mum along, one thing please make a note of what you want to say as time is precious and that way you wont forget things as I always do! Hope you are enjoying the sun just hope you don't get burnt as pretty hot out there, chin up hun.

(((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Ruby XX

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