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SHOULD I or SHOULD NT I ????????????

I am now thinking should i get my shoes on and go get a carrot cake ??????

the thing is my daughter hates it which is a real shame (not) my partner wont be here til 8pm tonight (tough luck) and that leaves diddle and all day to eat a carrot cake ?

and i have got nothing else to do today apart from read my kindle oit would be nice at 11 to have a cuppa and piece of cake then a piuece for lunch and an afternoon tea and then finish it for tea tonight so i would spread it across the day !!!!!!!!

i will think about it and letyou all know what i decide we could call this the celbration of carrot cake day and we could all goand getbone what do you think ??? love to you all diddle x

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Bloody brilliant idea Diddle, I will go out soon and get some to join in the celebrations!!.

Angela xx


go for it diddle xxx


go and do a diddle, Ive just had humus and pitta bread for breakfast[lol]


EAT THE CARROT CAKE!!!! Treat yourself xx


Oh diddle if you keep this up we will have a very sad diddle.

She won`t be able to get up off the sofa to get the carrot cake.

It is funny but, just remember a little of what you fancy doe`s you good.

I know the carrot cake I make is packed with calories(you wouldn`t think so as it`s base is carrots) but the frosting on top Well.thats another story.

Maybe make it a once a week treat .

Lots of love and hugs Butterflyxxx;-) I now have a black bruise on my bum the size of a dinner plate from my fall the other day.Friend has taken photo of it as she is spitting bullets that my landlord did nothing about steps when I asked last year.

Just trusting my bottom is not being shown to all and sundry at the job centre where she works LOL.Will have to bribe her with one of my banana breads this week xxxxx;-)


its the frosting i love lol i dont know how i am only just over 7 stone all i eat is the bad stuff choc/crisps/cake etc but there you go must be in my genes my nanny was onlty 6 half stone all her life lol love to you diddle x


no i had carrots lol no really i had actual carrots in there raw state and also phish food frozen yogurt i jus wrote a blog to announce it lol love to you and well done omn all the faces great stuff love to you diddle x


I vote to go for the carrot cake..........I love it !!!!


4hrs later and all is quiet on the diddle front.

Reckon you ate that cake and are in a satisfied slump on the sofa xxxxx


no i just done a blog and you will be surprised then pleased with me then shocked lol love to diddle x


i meant love to you diddle lol not love to diddle durr brain arent i xx check out the blog lol x


Diddle, if I were younger I would want to give you the largest carrot cake I could find. I look for your blogs first when I come on line and think what a great character you must be.

ps my wife doesn't see the blogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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