sorry for myself and self hate

i really do try to be positive but today i just feel useless, sad, and dread like something really bad will happen.. i know they will pass but when u have been up all night with pain and twitching and jerking cos i have periodic limb movement disorder and believe me it really makes fibro pain worse, im sorry to moan so much, i know we all suffer so much but i have no one else i can talk to so sorry guys , you got my rant, i really hope some of you are having a better day, xx

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  • sorry to hear this, nothing bad will happen today, I take it you didn't get much sleep 💤 that then causes or brain to go into overdrive and we I imagine lots of bad things, try and stay positive. X

  • i only had a few hrs nipper and thanks for the reply, ill keep reminding myself it will pass, i should be used to it now but as u say sleep or rather lack of it is awful, you take care too x

  • So so sorry ur sad and in pain eli2a giving you. Gentle caring hug I too have the same Take care. x 

  • thank you, i appreciate it and the same to you too xx

  • Hi eli2a, unfortunately fibro seems to take away anything and everything that makes life enjoyable. I am so sorry you are having such a tough time, being able to rant as you put it, is a good way to get things off your chest, you are certainly not useless. I would suggest if you are feeling so low perhaps your Dr can help. I send you gentle hugs.    Izzy x

  • Izzy thank you so much, what you say is true and it helps coming on here as its so helpful,  may peace, love and happiness come your way xx

  • Keep your chin up, life is a challenge, don't let your ailments get the better of you, I feel you can get through this and things WILL get better. Try and get some rest, the more we think about things the worse it becomes.     Izzy xxx

  • So so sorry to read about your pain -  I get days where I feel so low -  but the best way I find to deal with it is doing things I love -  ie listening to my happy up beat music , or my painting (watercolours) or chat with a "positive" friend or bake - basically trying to keep my mind busy -  I have also learnt to arrange something to look forward to ie : meeting up for a coffee with friends if family or a little outing - or at the moment I am managing gentle aqua or swim then sauna -  also remembering to rest of course or it all goes pear shaped -  come on pull up warmer weather is coming things will improve and we are here for you -   be kind to yourself hopefully tonight sleep will be better -

    Thinking of you today - Neese

  • our feel good hobbies are very similar it seems :) thank you and i hope you are as well as can be today  lisa xx

  • Hope you are feeling better today  😊😊

  • Big hugs hun .  i understand you its hard ive had a few days like that myself and weather dosnt help .Try stay positive .xx

  • Rant away, we all need to from time to time. Don't keep it bottled up. Anyway what are friends for, if you can't let off steam occasionally. 😊 I hope you can get some relief soon. 

  • So sorry you are feeling down its so hard , but you are strong and you will get through this bad patch, take care and this too will pass 

  • Sorry your feeling down today but you can come here and vent any time you's ok!!! Hope you feel bettet.Peck 🌹

  • Hi

    Sorry you are feeling low. I know exactly how you feel. But you are not alone in feeling like this. Lots of love and gentle hugs xxx

  • I can imagine that having so little sleep (I can join in with that one) and having your other condition makes the fibro even worse.  When we are so tired but cannot get any respite from the pain it puts our whole body on edge and that has the knock on effect of affecting our mood.  

    I must admit I had the "darkest before the dawn feeling" as I tend to call it for various reasons today with the pain and other things I won't bore you with as this is your rant not mine and it is a horrible feeling. I can usually talk myself out of it but sometimes it is more difficult than others according to how low and in pain I am.  I just try to hang in there and think to myself it will pass as it has passed before but sometimes easier said than done. Never apologise for a rant as if you can't rant on here to fellow fibromites who can fully understand your feelings I don't know where you can.  Be kind to yourself and if these feelings don't pass do go and have a word with your GP.  Let us know how you are. X

  • you really have the perfect way to describe it and have helped me feel so much less isolated too, i really appreciate it, my default mindful positivity is doin its job today, i hope your as good as possible today too xx

  • Hi eli2a

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are feeling this way, and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. I just wanted to say that I think that you are a wonderful and amazing individual, as you (like all of us) have been through so much with Fibro and are still going. So please feel good about yourself as you deserve it! Please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • There's nothing wrong with a good old moan, don't apologise it's ok. we all have those times. We are so good at faking being ok,  having a smile on our face, saying to loved ones,  friends and people in general that we're ok, because we don't want to burden them with our illness. When infact we are screaming inside with pain, the fibro fog, has peaked,  and we just feel s***.,  and all we want is understanding.  So it's ok to feel the way you do, it's ok to feel angry, to feel ' sorry for yourself '. Be kind to yourself and I hope your mood lifts soon and you're coping with fibro, better. ( there was a better word I was going to use, but I forgot what it was 😁 the joys of fibro)  you take care and gentle hugs.  X 

  • you put it so eloquently :) i appreciate it very much, i hope you are as ok as possible today xxx

  • Don't worry; rant away! We all need to vent sometimes, and here is a safe place where we all can appreciate how you are feeling.

  • Those days are rotten !! Be kind to yourself and remember it will pass. Hugs xx

  • We all have these days Eli. I call them black dog days where nothing will shift your mood. Usually I find it's connected with extra lack of sleep and my poor old brain just doesn't want to cope with another bout of pain, piles etc. To pick me up I write a Grattitude list, a roof over my head, a warm bed, my son, my partner, my pills, music, being able to moan! Etc Then I see how much more I have than many other people and I also have the gift of love to give and receive with family and friends and fellow sufferers. That doesn't stop it but puts me on the right path again!

    Thinking of you


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