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I am so sorry my friends but i am going to go off libne now as i am worn out and i ne dto just sit quiet

it was lovely just to pop back on here but i need to go now will try topop back tomorrow but please dont worry about me i am ok my daughter is here well in and out my partner is coming tonight and my parents are phoning me regularly

i am being sensible too if i get in the bath i call them when i get in then i text them when i get out so they know i am ok

love to you all and will be back soon love diddle xxxx

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xxxx big hugz, rest well xxxx

hugs x x x x


Take care Diddle, rest up, see you soon Lou x

Awww Bless you diddle xxx hope to see you back soon, after your needed rest ........ loadsa love and gentle hugs xxxx

rest up and eat lots carrot cake, hugs to u hun xx

Take care Diddle and rest up as much as you need to xx

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