Hi to you all i wont say good morning as for me it is not i have had bout hour sleep got up at 3.30 am yes thats right 3.30 !!!!! pain all over and jus could not stand it any more also was so hot , whats all that about mind you could be my age lol sorry any men reading this. any way taking my lovely mum to do her shopping today as dad is here doing my decorating so fair exchange i think? mum said yesterday it will be too much fro you i got to 2/3 different shops in and out dribving here and there but i said its ok so looks like today i will have to go pick out a really good convincing mask from my array of i am fine masks lol but womt let her down she would be furuois if she knew how much pain i was in but i will hide it well , and pop the old meds in and away we go .least i can park right at front of shop now so thats a bonus, oh well people the lights are now going off outside so now going to get my little doggy and get this stupid pain racked body working and these silly joints moving and take him 5 mins up road and then have nice cup tea and 2 co codamol and see what happens love to you all Diddle x

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  • Good morning Diddle. I think we all have a set of masks and we're all damned good actors...maybe we should set up the fibro amateur dramatic society! So I'm guessing your's is the 'brave face' mask this morning...the one with the huge smile painted on it. I can totally understand why you're doing it but in the other hand it's also the reason why others really don't 'get' this condition! Have a lovely day with your mum xx

  • lol @ your "am dram" suggestion! my mother was an actress in her day - I learned from the best, no sorry, the loudest moaner lol

  • Yep that is right i am wearing that mask today lol !!!!!! but i know that even with the mask the pain in my face and tiredness still come through ! yeah that would be good the fibro amatuaer dramatic society lol have good day too love to you diddle x

  • Hope you have a good day! Now off to put my brave face on .... :-)

  • Hi Diddle, I too have been awake the majority of the night, took my dogs for their 5 min walk at 6.30am and have also promised to go shopping with my mum. So have to put my mask on too.

    I will be counting the hours til I can soak in a lovely hot bath to try and ease my tired aching body.

    Hope you have a nice shopping trip, gentle hugs xx

  • bless you diddle, have a gd day with ur mum. when get home have some me time , hot bath & relax x x

  • Morning Diddle,

    You take it easy, and enjoy your day out.

    I have been stuck in this house since monday now as my little one has had sickness bug, bless her she has been really poorly, on the mend now thankgod.

    I might see some of the outside world tomorrow, yeahhhhh.

    kel xxx

  • hope your little one gets better soon, Kel

  • Diddle, hope your day has got better. not sure you should be driving on codeine though!

  • Hi Diddle you are brave well done you hope it went well and you managed to enjoy a little of it least not getting out of the house!! I am behind due to my net so really hope you are doing OK

    Gentle hugs Ruby xx

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