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dla refused

so the reason I didn't get it was one my doctor didn't fil out the forms with enough detail she just ticked box and put two words is this my fault if they give you the fors to take to the doctors then you could make sure they fll them out correctly or mae it law that they have to fil them out .

the home visit doctor lied and they are taking his word over mine therefore I am a lire

cant go through next stage of appeal as I had major paic attack going to court was uncomfortable the way the judge looked at me and asked questions the fact he was ment to ask question only on last year then kept getting me confused with this year like I said to him I cant remember what I did last week let alone last bloody year. so next step I applied for pip on Friday gave my new doctors details who has said he would support my claim just to make sure I have an appointment with him next week to inform him they wil be contacting him and could he please put as much detai in as possible and if it cost me tfor him to do it then il pay cause at the moment im stressed out and not sure how much more I can take.

I wish all those in appeal don't get mr khan as the judge cause he aint nice. very intimidating but good luck and best wishes will let yo know how this new pip goes.

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Hugs Tracy,

hopefully your new GP will be much better at helping and supporting you. Good luck with your claim.




Hi Tracy

I think it is such a shame that the needy go without and have to fight to get anything they should get by rite, things like DLA and PIP are so loaded against some people who are in the hands of a Doctor who does not know you because whenever you go to the doctors you get a locum and you rarely see your actual doctor, then when they are asked to sign a form they know nothing except what has been put on your notes by the locus you have seen.

Then some doctors even have the audacity to charge for the privilege of writing something that is completely wrong.

Thankfully none of this has happened to me so I do consider myself lucky but there are some real horror stories in the pages of this and other Communities of this site.

Good luck with your next claim and your PIP claim and don't give up trying.

Take care and Kindest regards



Hi Tracy that has happened to me,a doctor I hadn't even been too filled in my DLA report. Not only that but I also found out that anything to do with my Fibro hadn't even been put in my notes at all. I ended up having to take a complaint out with my medical practice who has since gone and changed a few things due to this happening. What annoys me is when your claim is looked at again by a health professional(someone you haven't met) and they make comments like "not on strong enough medication" to be in severe pain and such like leaves me so angry! I'm on the medication that the doc has given me! I can write a book with the troubles I've had. I hope that everything works out for you. Best Wishes Jackiex


Hi tracy09

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been turned down for your DLA. I just wanted to say please do not give up on this and I really hope that your new doctor will afford you greater support than your previous.

You have a genuine disability and therefore I urge you to fight on and give it a real go. I have pasted below the FibroAction page on benefit test, and I really hope that you find this useful.


Please keep us all up to date with how you get on, and good luck.

Ken x


my dr wrote me a supporting later with my claim fro ESA.


tracy, i also got refused dla because of lack of proper information from g.p. in fact it was a gp that i had never ever seen! all she put on mobility part was not known,not known... all the way through & on care part that i should be able to do things.. i am appealing both as 2 seperate cases put into one day as i was getting low care & had the renewal refused! the gp did n't even call me to ask questions! on advice of c.a.b. i changed my gp, i havn't seen them yet but they have excellent reviews. i have also been worrying so i know how you feel, reading the 1st part of yr post was like i was reading about myself..their dr also twisted things about...i did the self assesment test for pip & was entitled to higher rate on both & on esa i did test & came out as being in support group.so that & all the things going on with atos has made me more determined to stand up for my rights, but yes..easier said than done it is a real worry & i do get panicky thinking about it & i know i will be stressed on the day & feel sick etc.. but please stand up to what you know you are entitled to..as my argument stands how the hell can they see how you are from an office hundereds of miles away! i hope i don't get him either now from what youre saying.ive got about 200+ pages of papers theyre still all mixed up as i can't bring myself to look at them,but don't give up fight for your rights girl! :) let us know how you get on with pip xx best of luck x


I'm so, so sorry to hear this, it's exactly what happened to me twice ten years apart (it took me that long to get the courage to try claiming again) although the second time it was my good gp who f*#%*d up the paperwork, although I do understand why, he simply said he couldn't comment on what I can and can't do at home as he's never seen me at home so he doesn't know for a fact so he can't say he does, maybe this is what your dr felt too? I also had the same problem with my second appeal on the second case (I didn't have it in me to fight the first time) the 'judge' told both my legal representative and my partner/carer to 'shut up' (his words) when ever they tried to speak, and even told me to once when I tried to correct him and point out the information he said was missing was right there it's just fibro used to have a different name, but my partner stood up to him and told him that as part of his job as carer if I needed prompting to remember something then he would prompt me and they didn't have the right to stop me from having the aid I needed - I was very proud of him!

My suggestions for helping you with pip are these, go to your gp and fill out the forms together so you know exactly what is put, contact the DLA/PIP people and tell them you want a copy of everything that is going into your claim (so you'll know in advance what to challenge). And the most important thing, the thing I cannot stress enough to EVERYBODY when you have a medical, wether at home or at the assessors offices INSIST ON IT BEING RECORDED DO NOT LET THEM FOB YOU OFF OR REFUSE YOU THIS IS YOUR RIGHT, it means they can't lie on the forms as you have evidence of what really happened, don't forget to only ever describe your very worst ever day and tell them that is your average as no matter what they'll always assume your exaggerating, my home assessment form read that I had no problem with anything, I got all 'ones' (I.e. perfectly healthy and nothing wrong), he stated I walk with a normal gait and speed (leaning against walls and furniture for support and walking at a quarter of the speed he and my partner were - infact one week later my gp prescribed a wheelchair for whenever I left the house), that he saw me dress and undress on my own (my partner undressed me and I never got redressed til after he left, my partner just piled blankets on me to keep me warm), and I never showed any discomfort (even though I screamed during the leg manipulations - and I mean really screamed, god I should be in horror movies!!), his final statement was that he didn't think all the things I'd said were true because I had no bone deformity of the joints - a symptom of arthritis NOT fibromyalgia - due to all this when I appealed my decision I ended up with lowest rate care and no mobility, but I learned, when they ignored my new form saying I was much worse and tried to keep me on just lower rate care I demanded a reconsideration and was sent for a new assessment, I had my new assessment recorded, I still had all the medical letters I'd collected over the past two years ( get every letter sent from your rheumatologist, neurologist, pain clinic and anyone else to your gp copied to you, just ask each specialist to send a copy to you, they won't mind and it's free, I explained why I wanted them and my pain clinic manager wrote a letter which read on the first paragraph "I have no doubt that this lady is very seriously disabled by the pain and weakness of her illness" - this was a deal-breaker, the 'dr' at the dwp is out-ranked by a pain specialist consultant he couldn't contradict him) so between my letters my form and the form filled out by their own dr I got highest rate care and highest rate mobility and an indefinite award, it has changed my life, keep fighting you are entitled to this and once they know they can't bully you they'll back off, if you need help please feel free to ask me :)

Best of luck with it all, sorry my reply got so long,

Fibro hugs



hi sian.. very interesting read.. I have been on DLA for nearly two years..highest rate care and highest rate mobility.. a medical examiner came to the house when I applied for this and he was obviously on my side because I got the benefits... the time has come now for me to claim again..this time for PIP..they have sent me the forms to fill in and rang me informing me they will be writing to my gp and that i may have to go for an assessment too... i see different doctors all the time so none of them know about me as a fibro sufferer....Im really worried about it all ..the advise you are giving is worth gold..


My surgery has an any dr policy too but you can make appointments with a specific one if required, if there has been one who you were comfortable with and who was helpful and genuine then start always making your appointments with them, it's what I did and it made such a difference, also I suggest getting re-referred to all your specialists etc. so that you can have your illness levels reassessed to see how much worse you may have gotten, at these appointments get them to do the letter thing I mentioned above, if your pain meds are not strong enough then ask your dr about stronger alternatives (the stronger they are the better it goes for you on the forms - sad but true) but ONLY if you need to, make sure when you fill in the form that you write every little thing down, get migraines once a month? Write it down, hyperpainful periods? Write it down, trouble getting to sleep? Put it on the form, every little thing fibro causes affects your life so they all need putting down, no matter how embarrassing it maybe it's worth it in the end, I really do hope the advice I've given may help someone or at least make them aware of the pitfalls they may face.

As I said above if you need help just ask, I can't promise you'll win, but I can help you have the best chances :)




thank you all very much for comments im starting to feel a bit better today had such a bad weekend spent ost of it in bed in pain so stressed out got spots piles and lumps everywere, thank god the sun is out and has made me smile need to get some energy back before I can start the next round with this lot thank you for a the advice wil look at it again tomorrow when I can focus more.xxxxxx


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