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I made a wooden trolly!!!

yesterday I made a wooden trolly out of an old pallet. armed with the full works of painkillers, of Paracetamol, Naproxin and Tramadol, I set to it. Boy did I enjoy myself!! pulling out nails, hammering and screwing nails...oh no hang on I cheated on that bit, my Brother-in-law happened to come and drop some stuff off for me so I roped him into that bit hehehe my poor wrists dont like screwing!! (get your minds out of the gutter ladies :D ) it has four casters but I havent decided on what kind of handle to put on yet.

Best thing is it works and is strong too! The purpose of such a project? well as we all know most of us Fibro inflicted souls (as well as other people too) have bad backs, and can not lift any heavy objects, or at least can but shouldn't! SO This is why I made it. I'm a keen gardenewr, well potter haha and compost and big filled plantpots are too heavy to carry around my huge garden and to buy in the shops they are just too expensive to and been on ESA is imposible to find the £100 or so. HOWEVER......theres always another price to pay....................P A I N ! ! !

oh my poor body knew about it! but more drugs later and a good old rest, I manages a fitful sleep most of the night :) rather stiff this morning but well pleased with my acheivements xxx Think I need some more drugs!! be right back! xxxx

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what a good idea! i want to have more pots in my garden but as you said cant lift. congrats on achieving that. xx


Thanks, yeh I'm hoping it proves useful. Now all I need is a flat lawn! no chance with kids, dogs and hens!! hahah

Word of warning............keep taking the pills if your going to try this or similar, I went over time taking mine and I knew about it tell ya! x


Morning flips,

I would love to be able to make things, i am usless at diy, arty stuff.

Plus my hands are useless lol.

You should put a pic up so we can all see your good work.

I would feel chuffed with myself if made something like that. :)

Hope you dont suffer to much today.

kel xxx


Thank you Kel, yeh suffering a bit today but im pleased, I will put a picture up even tho not finished yet. I love making things, I paint, draw , grow things etc.. but DIY is a challenge as I'm sure you'll appreciate! Im terrible at staying still, such a fidget. if my body doesnt work i sit and do puzzles! cant rest im useless :/


ooooooooh make me one hun, pretty please lol xxx


haha you havent seen it yet! with the left over pallet im going to attempt a birdhouse, when my body has recovered lol


how satistying for you to stand back and see the product of all your tpoil and sweat well done you gold star for your wood working skills whats next though ??? love diddle x


You are a clever clogs what a great idea can see offers for them flooding in does it matter what it looks like if it does the job!! well done you really hope it helps make life easier for you.

Hugs Ruby xx


thanks diddle and rubywhiplash..great name :D

i hope it comes in handy too. Yeh could be a prototype! I might even paint it haha well woodstain. Bird table next diddle, hope it doesn't fall down under a sparrows weight hahaha


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