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I reckon I've got it wrong!

I ache. I really ache. It makes me want to cry cos it wont stop. My neck and shoulders are wrose. Sometimes my elbows. I had amytriptilene - low dose - from the physio to help my muscles relax - sort of worked a bit bit but made me feel increasinlgy cut off, spaced and depressed so I gave up. I get really tired at weekends. But I dont sleep all that well. Foreign beds hurt like hell. So I start to read arund and I think - hey this all sounds a bit like fibromyalgia, what can I do to help myself? And I order a job lot of supplements. And I sign up here.

Trouble is, I manage to go to work every day. And I can bee seen running (well a bit) along playing flying with my grand daughter. And i sweat my way through a Zumba class every week, and drift through an Aiki class. And support my poor old Mum. So now I have read lots of posts from people who are seriously struggling every day, I think I may be a fraud. Feel freee to tell me to swalow some magnesium and get a life!

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Hi Tatty. You sound just like me I go to work and do zumb, and feel a fraud to. But I have to say it comes at a price I am in constant pain in my legs and joints and feel tired but some how seam to keep going. So all I can say is well done for trying to carry on I no its not easy x


Thank you x


Hi Tatty,

I also work, I have 4 kids, I help out at various community events and church stuff...I do Zumba and I cycle....I do not feel a fraud. I have learnt how to pace myself....I certainly couldn't do all this in one day. And on a bad day I am unable to do any of it.

Some are worse than others but that doesn't mean you're not suffering.

hugs x


Thank you I'm going to learn to say no to a few extras and try some diet, relaxation tips and supplements for a month or two and see if that is enough for me, but I'll keep chatting here - it already makes a difference.


Last thursday I saw the rheumatologist and told her I felt great. Stiff and achy sometimes but wondered if I really had Fybromyalgia as I felt so well. I work 30 hours a week, look after my grandchildren, love walking and occasionally do some running. On Friday the pain started and after taking various meds including tramadol over the weekend I had to go back to the doctors today and I've been given oramorph. With paracetamol it's taking the edge off but the pain is still there. My daughter is getting married on Sunday so I'm praying that I'll be better by then. This is my first major flare since being diagnosed 2 months ago. I know from now on I will have to look after myself and pace myself. X


Fibro can be mild or severe or somewhere in between. People also often have Fibro alongside other conditions and if they are severe, they may be more disabled.

Diagnosing mild-moderate Fibro can actually be more difficult. But earlier diagnosis and proactive treatment can mean that you don't have to get so bad.

Keep exercising! It may help protect you from getting worse.

Have you seen the article on the FibroAction blog on physiotherapy? Might be worth a look (search box is top right).

And I would suggest going to your doctor and discussing what you could do to improve your sleep quality, as this should be a priority with treatment.


Ah bless this illness is individual to us all each day is different. admit that i cannot run or do execises classes. maybe i should try. But I work full time, and drive. so do not give up on what you are doing it will help it in the future.


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