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Fibro awarenesss day May 12th

I have so far persuaded two local shops to dec their windows in purple with purple balloons as well for the weekend of 11th 12th may. Gonna get some friends together if I can to appear in market, dressed in purple with balloons and some literature to raise awareness of fibro.

In september I will do a fundraising event for fibro action. Not sure what yet. Musing on it.

This weekend was pretty good. OH got gardening fever and stood atop the garden wall cutting and sawing away and thowing down branches of bay and labernum for me to tie up and drag to the yard so he could get them out to car and off to the tip. I made love garlic chicken and roast vegetables for dinner.

Did my hoover for old lady job this morning so a bit fagged out now. Having a pacing rest and then will wash up and sort out something to do with the left over chicken for tea.

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What a great idea for raising awareness - good on you. Which market? Anyone in the area could come and gawp - er, I mean support!


Good on you!

If you get only a few people asking questions and understanding a bit more what it is all about it will be a big help.

I must buy some of those fibro wristbands......:) x


Hi Spidey,

Well Done!

If all of us do something small to raise awareness, together it will make a difference. Nice to hear you are planning a fundraiser in September for FibroAction, that's great Thank You. Don't forget to email in for your fundraising pack at the time.

To mark International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day we have got a few things planned, to keep up to date please sign up for our newsletter via the home page at

If anyone else would like to get involved with FibroAction, may be fundraising or volunteering

Please see the link below

Many Thanks



Wish I could afford the wrist band bit am totally brassick (skint) without funds just had to insure oh motor bike he uses it when he goes out on his own as your not supposed to use blue badge with out risipiant in vehicle, that Stung us for over £100 as its a multi bike policy he has about 5 or 6 as he's doing some up, its his hobby but he aint doin much at the moment but they still need to be insured as we already had one stolen last September by some low life sorry to moan but can't do much else at the moment. Sithy


Ps.god.on you for trying to raise awairness, can't spell as can't see properly due to conjunctivitis .


Sithy, my daughter has just come out of a relationship with a guy who was into motorbikes so I can understand. As for the conjunctivitiis, have you been to the doc and got some opintment for it? Is it the sort you can catch or is it allergic conjunctivitis? If you keep getting it and suffer from sore eyes a lot you can ask GP for a refferal to the eye clinic at yoru local hospital. I have had allergic c and dry eye syndrome for many years and there are boxes of eye drops and night ointment all over my house!!!!

One good way to soothe them is to get a little bowl of boiled water and using it as hot as you cana bear use cotton wool or a soft clean cloth dip in the hot water and squeeze out and then use as a compres on the eyes, pressing along just under the eye. Best to use seperate bit of cloth for each eye and dispose of each time.

The cloramphenacol cream gets rid of the infection conjunctivitis but if you keep getting it please try to get gp to refer you.

All the best.


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