Why is everything so hard to get?????????

I want to apply for a blue badge and have just seen the application form?! why is it so hard if you put what you have FIBROMYALGIA then that should be enough shouldn't it but NO how far can you walk ?? well that a daily dilemma if ever ther was one today i can walk for 30 mins tommorrow 5 mins i bet i wont get it, its a shame some people abuse the system but those who really could do with a bit of help well we have to suffer in silence and miss out on things that will really help us. Oh well i will fill a form in and see how it goes all you can do, anyone else got blue badge for fibro and not on DLA(i have not applied for DLA) but you never know may be lucky(if you can call being lucky having fibro and not being able to do what you used to and thats why your applying for the badge!!! oh well thats all bit heavy for 8 am so where is the sun today take care and soft hugs Diddle x

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  • Hi Diddle, I have a blue badge and what you have to do is explain your worst day, not your best or average. I was advised by my GP to put on my application form that I could not walk more than 50 metres and my illness is permanent! It then got backed by my dr and I was granted it.

    The way to make yourself feel better is perhaps only use the badge when you really need to, so on the days you can hardly walk use it and then you won't feel a fraud in your application.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on. x

  • BTW Ii don't get DLA or any benefits!!!

  • thanks for that will go and get application form and fill it in and thats all i can do really , and why have you got volenteer are you like a mediator? on here. thaks again Diddle x

  • Hi Diddle and good morning to all, i have a blue badge, i sorted mine out by going to the library in town where they have a machine and you have a video chat with sombody they help you fill in the form,take you photo even get a signature from you, if you have a letter from your dr you can scan that and they will do the rest, you should get info with your form telling you where the machine is near you, i am on DLA but its good to know there is somebody to help you with the form :)

    Dont feel like a fraud sod the rest they dont understand the pain we go through

    Good Luck, Keep us all informed

    CHORLEY :)

  • Hiya, I just got my blue badge and Im not on DLA either, wont bother to repeat but what Rach said is right. If they call you in for an exam its not too terrible. If you use a stick or crutches use them, even if you feel not too bad that day. As she says its about your worse day. x

  • Thanks for that will go down today or phone or go next week, they can only say No but worth a go. it lovely anfd foggy here so now going to read some on my kindle and have cup of tea. thanks for advice love and soft hugs Diddle x

  • Bless you thanks for that will go down later today or prob next week . hope you ok today? it funny really(and we have all done it) i used to look at people with blue badge and because they dont have a stick or anything that you can see you automatically assume that they are swinging the lead but now i look at myself and think if i got a badge i know people would look at me like that , i am only being honest but like i say we are all guilty of that . It does make me feel bad. Oh well now having a cup of tea and will read some on my kindle(god send) if you read get one thet are brilliant so easy to use and you dont have to hold a heavy book i have got the £89 from amazon/argos. oh well went off a bit there lol will blame fibro fog enjoy your day and love and soft hugs to you and yours diddle x

  • Diddle....in answer to your question, yes!! xx Good luck

  • i am a nosey one arent i should tell me to mind my own business lol how do you get to do that? do you apply/ i wouldnt mind doing it ? love and hugs soft ones that is xxx Diddle xxx

  • Hi Diddle my G.p that I saw today is doing me a letter for the blue badge.Is a kindle one of these book things like plastic square with a screen,are they light to hold and do you have to buy the book you want to read to go on it as I have to think twice about the size of book I get.I buy mine fro charity shops and the big one I cit in half to be able to hold them.what sacirledge for a book.hugs Buttefly54

  • Hi yes its a plastic thing with screen lol, and i go to amazon and download the free ones there are lots but you can also buy books and they are cheaper than the paerback or hard back ones i am not really up on it too much but you would def benefit from it . you take care love and soft hugs Diddle and good luck with the blue badge xxx

  • I have a kindle, I had got as I had stopped reading as I couldn't hold the book but my son and his girlfriend bought me Kindle for Christmas, its great and I love reading again. Some books are free but you also have to buy some, I usually go for books that are free or only cost a pound or two !!

  • Amen to that Ebony - I couldn't hold a book any more either - no need to grip at most angles with the Kindle as the surface of it grips for you.

    Should be free on NHS to fibro-bookworms...

    Spirit x x x

  • Im applying for mine this week hoping a letter from social worker will help

  • Hi Diddle, I have only just discoved this amazing website.....bizarely the 1st post I saw was yours & i have literally just come off hte phone from renewing my blue badge.....how weird!!! It is really simple to phone them, they are really lovely....they asked me wat conditions i have and how far i can walk unaided.......my answer is 60 metres on a very good day!! The one thing she did tell me is that the £2.00 cost of applying is about to go up to £10.00......any day now!!!! So I would suggest you ring 1st thing Monday.....they open at 8am :o)

    Hope that is some help

    gentle hugs, Janey x

  • I was awarded my Blue Badge BEFORE my DLA was upped to higher rate mobility. In fact, I think the badge helped me to get the rise (I was on lower rate mobility before).I think every council has it's own form, so see what yours looks like.

  • unfortunately nothing is easy to get when you are disabled! you think common sense would dictate that it should be easy as we are the people who find it sooo hard to fill in forms, cope with the stress etc. it's been 7years this year and i still feel like i have to fight for everything i get and always constantly worry in case they decide to take it all away again.

    with regard blue badges it is really dependent on your own council. but as long as you have some sort of proof as you don't get dla you should be ok. Doctors letter should do the trick. and remember the mantra tell them your worst day and keep fighting if you don't get what you need!xx

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