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Hello!It's been a long journey!

I have been suffering from excruciating pain in various place for the last ten years,I have an as yet unspecified arthritis(awful gp,more on that later),hypothyroidism,IBS etc.After my anti depressants building up to the stage where I was so sick of the pain and NO diagnosis that my husband carted me back to the GP to complain.I have been on max amount of Gabapentin for 2 yrs,as well as most other drugs you can think of and have yet to be referred to a specialist as apparently my GP is one..hmmmmm.

Under my Hubby's wrath the doc said well yes this is down to the Fibromyalgia. Would have been nice to know this yrs ago.

Am now on morphine at night which works a little for my poor sleep.

It's fantastic to know that I'm not losing the plot or am a hypochondriac!

Unless you experience it then you can't imagine the devastating impact it has on day to day life.From being a guilt ridden parent because you can't do what the kids want you to do to being an unreliable colleague and a hit and miss wife :(

Good vibes to you all :)

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hi i too have an unspecified arthritis apparently there are over 200 types. We do understand the guilt and accepting our limitations is the hardest part of the condition, I have just about learn to go with the flow and take it easy but it is so annoying when you make plans and end up cancelling due to pain fatigue etc , warm hugs to you Rae and i hope you have a good day x


Thanks so much for that,it is so hard and yet so easy to say "I can't",going with the flow does work for me although I am sure that it's frustrating for others at times lol.

Warm hugs straight back to you and thanks for your lovely welcome x


They are so many of us out there and yet the GP`s still give us the feeling that we are hypochondriacs. The best moral support that I have ever had in all my years of suffering has come from talking to all of you on this blog. THANK YOU. Take care Raemomma and be kind to yourself :-)


Here Here WutheringSera is right the best support is here it is non invasive caring and comes from people who are suffering the same things you are. I dont know where I would be without this site. IT helps to offer each other support and love. So welcome to you Raemomma looking forward to reading your blogs take care xgins


Welcome Raemomma -- the guilt is the hardest thing to bear -- but try not to beat yourself up about it, because it only makes you feel worse. Your current GP just seems to be dosing you up to the "eyeballs" on lots of meds -- i am not sure that he seems to know what he is doing! I really think you should demand to see another GP (take your hubby for moral support) for at least a second opinion and ask to be referred to a Rheumatologist so that you can get the correct diagnosis and hopefully the best treatment plan can be worked out for you. When you see another GP or consultant it may help to write a list of your symptoms and any questions you may wish to ask coz with fibro it is often difficult to remember stuff. Please try and see another doctor -- good luck xx


I have osteoarthritis of the spine and I know how debillitating that can be even if ATOS does not. My fibro is chronic and I am in constant pain with no pain meds. All I have is Amitriptyline around teatime, if I take them any later I am zombied for too long the next day. But I am sure we have all been there at some point within this awful illness. I do hope you feel better soon. If your doctor is a specialist I would hate to see what he knows as a common GP! xxxxx


Thanks all, I feel really welcome :)

Definately a very poor GP it's just meds meds and more meds! And yeah the things that work for me are kindness and understanding most of all.

Oh and time to do things at my own pace and in my own way ;) xx


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