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How glorious the sun has just come up and the sky is turning a marvelous apricotey pinky colour,

that is the front of the house. At the back it is still solid grey and not as inviting. I am about to get ready and take OH out for breakfast after all it is the most important meal of the day it gives you energy (so they say) who are they?

I must admitt it rarely works for me - but I do like it a full English that sounds as if you would have a full english man on the table oops it is sunday must challenge my thoughts and stick to mushrooms and bacon.

OH has just made me a coffee excelent he gets a * for that.

So breakfast will be at a garden center I hanker after a good snoop around the Christmas decorations to be honest now I dont have the shop and I am going away his year for Christmas I am getting serious withdrawl symptoms.

What will I be looking for well every Dwarf needs new clothes and jewels at Christmas dont want the big man to be cross. Must ensure all dwarfs are spit spot and clean. Mistletoe never goes a miss and a stealing the odd kiss is the perogative of ever dwarf! What else well small presies that can pack easily and amuse you know you have seen them the pooing reindeers allways sold well.

Why is it that we all enjoy lavatorial humor well small boys do particularly if it farts it is hysterical if it makes smells or can make the grown ups raise their eye brows - well that is the thing. I think dwarf humor will be much the same pongy strangley organic and definately eye brow raising.

A good joke book always reduces my son to a hysterical heap so that is a must. What about OH well "I've got everything" as he keeps telling me , again and again - so something for him -ponders- ideas will be welcomed xgins

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Well gins as you have morphed overnight into a dwarf, I suspect you are happy, why don't you get the OH the rest of the set, dopey sleepy bashful, doc, sneezy and for a free breakfast I,ll throw myself in as grumpy. Failing that, as 7 dwarves will be more to dust, just get him snow white, she might keep him awake........ Unless you get fed up of him gazing at her beauty then you could give her a poisoned apple so she sleeps but then your OH will then fall back to sleep and more dusting, of coure that will bring prince charming on his horse into your house, I suggest plenty of dust sheets hoof prints flatten carpets terribly . I have the same problem with my OH If he wants anything he gets it there and then if it's cheap the only other things he wants are too expensive... So I am stuck as usual with everything planned except for him, aha I,ve got it... We.ll give our OHs each other, that will the ultimate christmas surprise

VG x


I will go with that but do you think the OH's will be happy (chuckles maddly) xgins


I love reading your blogs guys - it really makes me smile :-) The sun is shining here too - a crisp and lovely November morning. :-)


Well good morning ladies it is very glaring out there today ohps i cannot see i have my bedroom curtains shut,

I wake up to a full English every morinng a 6ft 3 one that farts and needs spraying with a scented hose.

I would have to be dopey if i cannot not be Snow white ahhhhh can i be snow white as i am pure as the driven snow .... Perhaps not if i got 7 little men that i wake up to everymorning,

We all must wear Christmas decoracations and be put in the suitcase with you, please dont put any poop in it will smell you can buy for the Reindeers later put some whisky or Brandy in for Santa instead lol am sure that be more appreciative amongst the dwarfs, perfect choice VG with your decision of Dwarf that made me chuckle too, what a way to awake haha,

So where you galloping off to gins Egypt the Dominican somewhere exotic OOOOOO if only i would have to have that Knight in shining armour to do that i have a knightley but defitaly no rich Knight lol ( knightley our surname) i am no keira knightley either altho i do not scrub up bad if i say so haha.

We put our lights up yesterday gins and realised no tree hahahaha ohh was funny as searched the hpuse high n low ...still looks simple used my lamp instead haha, so whilst you at Garden centre look at Treeeees . We go to one called Tong its beautiful lovely entrance , i will put a blog on when on laptop and post a pic ohhh its a fairy tale i sooo do feel like snow white in there.

If we were to be a couple we would be Shrek and Fiona, i may do a blog on that too lol ohhh gins a great start to sunday morning with your blog.

Lots of love and hugs to ypu both as i look forward to Sunday being able to catch up & relax with you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxcx (((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))


I hope Sunday was good for you sounds like you are ready to play christmas is on the way Hurrah !!

Take care mre to come later xgins


Ps sorry for butting in again, Dopey if not Snow white as i sooooo Dopey naturally but if snow white, to look at i could pass but others may think i would eat 7 dwarfs pmsl xxxx


I read all these answers lol and by the time I get to the bottom I have lost the train of the thread I began with. Thye have brought a new dogpoo game out for kids. Is has a plastic dog and whoever scoops the most poop wins!!!!!! Where do they find these people who think up these game???? xxxxx


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