i know you are all on the edge of your chairs wanting to know if i bought and ate the carrot cake well i can confirm that i did not !!!! no instead i went to my fridge and i peeled 3 x carrots and i ate them instead so i did have the carrot but not the cake lol so i was good

well i say i was good i did eat 3x raw carrots as i love them BUT big BUT then about an hour later i still fancied something nice .......................................

So i remembered my youngest daughter yesterday bought me a tub of ben and jerry phish food frozen yogurt so i thought to myself well i had better make sure that i like it and that irt is ok in the freezer as it has been there a few hours now so went and got it out but it was too hard to eat could not dig the spoon in thanks to fibro and carpal tunnel so i put in microwave for about 40 secs which then made it jus right to eat so ther i sat watching loose women and next thing i know the spoon was hitting cardboard and when i looked down it had all gione #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i did feel guilty at first but then i thought well i did have those carrots earlier and they ewere healthy so that evens it up doesnt it ???????

i dont think i had better have that again it was rather nivce only ever had the cherry one ! oh and it was the yogurt one not the ice cream so who am i trying to convince on here you or me

well anyway i have got to go in a bit to have my nails done the rate i am going i will wanyt lipo suction if i am not careful

love to you all diddle x

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  • diddle i have a fab carrot cake recipie if you want it lol :) just trying to help not get you fat :) love to you hun x

  • thankyou as long as you are all laughing and not crying thats got to be good xxxx love to you diddle x

  • lovely thankyou but i would rather buy one i can cook but my arms and wrists got no strenghth so cant mix like i used to even with the electric whisk my arms ache i sound a poor ols sole dont i but thankyou anyway i been getting the cake from of all places poundland they do an apple one too so going to get that next but they dont always have them in god forbid i go down and they have none what will i do ??? i will call you to whip me one up lol only kidding love to you and thanks for being so kind to offer your recipe love diddle x

  • omg Diddle Ive nearly wet myself laughing,around your way must have no carrot cake left, Ive just found some in my fridge darent eat it, Ive just eatedn loads today

  • thankyou i do try dont i its me i am trying to convince but if i get you all on board then i dont feel so guilty lol love diddle x

  • oh no please dont wet yourself lol they will lock you up and throw away the key lol . go on go get that cake out of your freezer you know you want to !!!!!! love diddle x

  • diddle your a bad influance

  • what me moi no not me must be someone else hijacking my blog lol love diddle or is the phantom carrot cake monster mmmmmmm ???

  • what me moi no not me must be someone else hijacking my blog lol love diddle xor is it the phantom carrot cake monster mmmmmmm???

  • oh see you got 2 there now that is spooky isnt it ????? love diddle x how di that happen perhaps ther reaklly is a carrot cake phantom and it took over my body yeah thats it its not me at all see love diddle the real diddle xxx

  • And there was me feeling guilty because I didn't get carrot cake to celebrate with you Diddle, I did have a cadburys chololate orange cake though.

    Just reading your blog and wonder, are you trying to convince us or yourself about the healthy youghert?? Well done for eating three carrots tho, you probably dont get that many in a carrot cake. Oh yes, forgot to say, I buy the weight watchers carrot cake which are quite nice but still lots of calories if you eat the whole box lol xx

  • OMG you make me smile!!!! thank you for cheering me up! have a lovely afternoon sweetie xxxx

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