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some one give me a kick up the bum plse

had a rubbish night ,you know pain, funny dreams that seem like a very long film in your head (is that just me lol)

my husband got out of bed to see to boys and then as per usual i fell asleep again

i wake up and feel like a freight train has ran over me and then reversed back again

my friend and her boys will be here any minute

but here i sit :-P

i just have nooooo energy

nobody is dressed

i have the biggest mountain of washing to do

(imagine a family of 4 going on holiday for 2 weeks and that is what is creeping down my stairs to engulf me any minute ) :-P

so i need a good kick in the never regions lol :-D

hope everyone has a nice weekend

and a lovely mothers day

gentle hugs everyone xxxxxxxxxxx

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morning hun sorry to here that you had a bad night last night, i do know the feeling as not been to bed yet as pain was a bugger and my brain was to active... i would like to say i would give you a kick up the bum but i dont think my leg is long enough to reach ya lol xx hugs :)


lol :-D


Kick kick lol not really would never kick anyone ha ha you take care and just do what you can there is always another day or someone else to do it for you hint hint if you can take care love to you Diddle x


I believe in America they describe the strength of the pain by the number of wheels on the lorry that hit you, as we usually say 'I feel like i have been hit by a lorry' and in America they have much bigger lorries than we do..... i hope that makes sense !!!!!


Haha, i am just reading your post and i ahve had to kick myself up the bum today to get some housework done, It was disgusting thats no exageration lol.

Got my living room and kitchen done, but thats it now and i proberbly wont be able to do upstairs tomorrow, anyway i have earned myself a few vodkas with my other half i think. :)

kel xxx


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