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Went to visit a can be cruel

Hi to all hope you are having a good day, i felt i had to get this out of my system, so here is the jist of it. My hubby iain is in a band, he plays fiddle & sings & his freind neil plays accordion.

They are great freinds, i used to go to the gigs with them as did neils wife so we got to know each other very well.

I don't go out much and lost track of socialising as fb keeps me home. It was about 2 weeks ago a phone call from neil saying Jane was in hospital with pains in stomach & could not get pain free.Jane is 43......1 week later iwas told Heaven was calling her in weeks, after tears & shock my fb joined in.

It tooks 3-4 days for me to come to terms about the news. I went to see her yesterday & she is a possitive person, us scorpions are!!

It sounds silly but i felt better after visiting jane, don't know if I felt ashamed at not keeping in touch & it took bad news to see her again. How guilty i feel at not seeing her as often as i should have.

Sorry for going on about such a sad situation, thanks for reading take care & gentle hugs to all fibromites xxxx.

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ah bless dont b to hard on yrself this fibro is a very nasty thing n it very hard to keep focused on yr own life never mind other peoples ,it works both ways dont forget .i can count on one hand how many of my friends ask me how iam or ring me.take care hunni n soft hugs Tofty xx


Tanks tofty for your kind words, the freinds i thought would try & understand let me down.

I have learnd alot since mr fibro joined the family & accept how they have there on lives to lead. it is time to get on with my own and be greatful for the few freinds i have. Take care n hugs Mary xx.


So sorry for your bad news. dont feel bad as it does take us with fibro a while to get over shock and we can handle things in a different way to other people. As tofty says it does work both ways. friendship shouldnt be oneway.

Take Care

Jo xx


Thank you for u r reply, i know it shoudnt be one way, some people don't understand or want to understand ! Take care xx.


Please dont be to hard on urself Motzie, Ive tried n tried to keep in touch with my EX work friends, but i soon found out that EX is exactly wat it means, EX!!!!! You think that they are ur friends but~~~~~hey ho. I know who my true friends are and there the 1's that are close. Sorry to hear about Jane i'm sure she understood when she saw you. gentle hug just for you hun xx Take it easy x


Thanks luvmybabies, i have found out like you say ex workmates is so true.

Take care & hugs back xx.


try not to be so hard on yourself Motzie. just make the most of the time you've got left together xx


Thanks Sammicat, your right i will make the most of time, take care xxx.


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