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hubby off work = feeling rubbish

i couldnt work out why ive been having a flare up ,it dawned on me duh :-P

my hubby has been on holiday this week and all though we havnt doe anything

too mad ,my body is saying "what on earth are you playing at " lol

on a normal week i normally try and rest at least one day when my 2 yr old is asleep ,but this week i havnt ,

i cant believe i feel this rubbish from just not resting for a couple of hours !

i think this is the worst aspect of fibro for me is not being able to be myself

and coming to terms that iam ill and i have an illness ,

i wish everyone in my family would come to terms with it aswell lol ,

hope everyone has a lovely day :)

love to you all and huge hugs :-D


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hey lynz feeling the same at moment, frustrating is it. you look ok so to them you must be fine, whilst inside you feel rubbish. i am having the problem that family want soultions and answers, as someone mentionwell big hugs hun. lets hope u get a few hrs why your little un is sleeping, hopefully mummy can sleep too. x chat soon lou x


er hope that make sense its a bit gabbled lol, brain nt in gear yet x


yes it does lou :) ,you make perfect sense lol cause i dont think my brain is ever in gear :-D


get him to have k and get your head down for rest!! this is another reason why i dread school holidays as no break from kids!!

love n hugs xxx


yes i know that is the down side cause when hes asleep in hols they wake him up :(


Bless you seems to be hitting us all this week what we got lol !! i had my youngest grandson yesterday from 12 to 6 pm and i was worn out he is 2 so no carrying him and stuff but he is so good give him cars/trains he will happily push them along for hours we sat in garden fror a while too but still worn out , i am lucky my kids are 25/19 so one lives in her own place with kids and other one out at work all day so that is where i am lucky can put feet up when i want , you take care love to you diddle x


thank you christine xxx


Hi everyone.Im sure Ive had Fibro for about 30ish years but was only diagnosed in the early 90s after being fobbed off with various (wrong) explainations as to why I felt so rubbish all the time. I think I only came to terms with it,finally, this morning,while out with my little dog,Jack.While he was running around chasing his football like a thing possessed,I noticed a guy running laps around the field.Im not a sporty person at all,never have been.But a voice in my head was saying "I wish I could do that". Then it dawned on me, all the other things I can no longer do and that Im stuck with this thing for ever. Now Im depressed as hell......... Thank goodness Ive still got my hearing and can blast my rock music out.That always makes me feel good!!


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