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did what a normal person should have been able to do today it all went wrong:(

i have been stressing yes cause i got my private pension 7 yrs early on ill medical grounds .......yes thats brilliant but i had a big lump but not enough to buy anywhere near my family if i moved to east sussex a couple of hours away yes i could but my stress is that my mum is so ill hate to say it but not a good outcome coming and my lovely dad is her carer and my children live in this town too one of which is having my first grandchild! :) so i feel stressed at the prospect of moving from them , anyway my daughter said lets go to town today so i dressed up ( looked awfull i might add with the weight ive gained!) we were having such a lovely time then i got a weird pain in my side and back and started sweating my daughter said i drained in colour and quite frankly i almost asked her to get an ambulance i felt like i was going to die i had no chest pains i might add just felt the life go out of me has anyone else had this? ive ended up in bed again and my legs and elbows are killing me :( i really cant bear this its torture excuse the dramatics but i really dont feel well:(

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no sorry not like that.ive had seizures similar to that though.maybe it s all the extra stress being added that might have caused it as should really have gone to hospital and got it all checked out to be on safe side.

im hoping that after a good nites sleep and rest you will feel little better tomoz.

im sorry about your mom.

and weight gain with you on that one i feel like a beached whales today and so depressed coz it.x


I'm a size 24 - and if anyone said I look awful because of my size I'd give them a piece of my mind; make the best of what you have and enjoy your life because it isn't a rehersal until you get down to that magical size 10 or whatever it is you want to be. Life is just too short for slimming diets (and with Fibro you could be doing more harm by depriving yourself of essential nutrients) - eat healthily and accept and love yourself for yourself.

I would get the seizure checked out; my guess is that your blood pressure dropped abruptly - but that is just a guess.

Hope you are felling better soon and can find a way of releasing your stress as that really can not be helping any.

Best wishes

Julie xx


Just re-read your post ....

Was the pain in your back/side more painful than childbirth? If so it might be a kidney stone - I've had a couple and they are excrutiating; each time they started with sharp intermittent pains and then a few days later developed into the most awful pain I have ever experienced.

Get it checked out. I think Gall Stones are supposed to be simlar but never had one so couldn't say.

Julie xx

(laugh a minute aren't I? Sorry :-) )


Hi there,I've had gallstones and yes they can be agony,I've had my gallbladder removed,used to get bad stomach ache deep in my stomach and back ache.I also agree with you about the weigh,I have been suggeling to loose just 12 pounds,I've lost 6 but god am I having problems with the other 6 I need to loose.

I do want to say ,years ago I lost 3 and a half stone in three months with weight watchers classes,kept the weight off for 20 years until I got breast cancer,so would recommend them to anyone who needs to loose a few stones.

I was sitting i Ikea's restrtaunt the other day,a couple slightly older,slighly heavier than me were sitting eating a looking strawberry tart,the woman was making all sorts of noises eating it,ha ha,anyway,I thought to myself,should I really be worrying/depressing myself,you only live once,I've had cancer and come out the other side,the couple looked happy,so I though why am I streesing about my weight after all I have been through .

I hope this message finds you feeling a little better,take care Sandy.


Morning Fairytails

Hope you are feeling better today and a little rested. If you are in any doubt about the pain yesterday do go and talk to your Doc after all that is what they are there for :) Take care hun xgins


Hope you're feeling better today. I've lost three and a half stones in weight with slimming world which I've now had to stop as I've not been feeling right at all. I'm seeing a nutritionist to see if she can help as I know I now have a sugar addiction(yes even with loosing weight) I'm now addicted to fruit which has fructose in it another form of sugar that seems to be affecting me. I also got sick and tired of living under slimming world rules,there seems only so long I could do it and unbelievably I became very depressed,definitely think there's a food link there. So yes it's great to loose weight and look better but with fibro it's not so simple.


thankyou so much to everybody for there kind messages i think i will get it checked out it was that scarey ! hope you all have had good days at least its a little cooler ! love and hugs alexandra xxx


I agree with what others have said about getting it checked out by your GP at least. What Julie said about blood pressure drop would account for the sweating certainly, but I had postural hypotension where my blood pressure drops suddenly when I change position from sitting or lying to standing. I have never experienced the kind of pain you describe with it.

Reading all the responses around weight reminds me of the rapid weight gain I had after starting one medication - I gained three stone in about two months! It took me nearly two years to get rid of it. It's really not easy with different meds and not being that mobile with fibro.

Hope you are feeling better and don't forget the check up!

Christine x


So sorry to hear to your day out ended the way it did, but I can relate to what happened to you. It has happened twice to me over the last few years and yes you do feel as if you are fading away, your life force and will to live have both gone. Like you I was out in town, with Husband and two young daughters, and had to get home right away and spent the next few weeks in my bed. As for the putting on weight I have gained four and a half stone in the last four years, because of the pain find it very very difficult to exercise... Catch 22 position!

If you ever feel you are alone just come on here and read the posts you will always find someone just like you...

Take care, gentle hugs

S x


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