Now going offline but just had to share this with you all i went to make a phone call and could not understand why there was no ringtone or calling tone ???

then i looked at my hand i was holding the sky remote pressing the numbers on that !!

no wonder i could not get anyone to answer lol

love to you all will pop back tomorrow love diddle x

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  • oops! :) xx

  • Hehehe that did make me chuckle :-) i have done silly things since FM but i havent done that one yet lol

    have a good rest hun and see you tomorrow :-) xxxxx

    love and hugs :-)

  • funny about the same tiume you did that...my tv remote started to ring!!! LOL xxxx

  • lol it was only me xxxxx love diddle x

  • hahaha You've just put a smile on my face, Thanks Diddle xxx

  • Im glad its not only me.lol

  • my "friend" says i have some strange friends, but he has too being a friend of mine!! bless you lol xxxx

  • Brilliant Diddle lol, you are on the road to recovery, good!! :) anne xx

  • lol!!!!

    you should see me trying to make a coffee in the morning!

  • Hahahahahah! x

  • I usually try and turn the tv over with the mobile phone Diddle so you are not alone. I think maybe you need more cake! xx

  • Lol diddle that made me giggle. X

  • Very funny diddle, hope you have a good rest xx :)

    Jax x

  • We all do the same thing I'm sure every day, now when I type my name I always type clarie instead of claire, doesn't matter how careful I am, it annoys me sometimes...ah well, gently hugs Clarie sorry Claire xxx

  • Very farmiliar to me xx

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