I am 47 but to see me get out of bed the last few mornings well you would laugh for onething and i look like a 97 year old woman i have to ease myself up and stretch my legs out one by one lol

it not really funny but you have to laugh or you will cry

i am hurting all over so whats new and i have no plans for today only toi walk my dog with partner anfd that is it so hopefully day in the garden in ths un with my kindle

love ti you all diddle xxx

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  • i sound just like you diddle but im 59 so i must be like 110 god help us i was awake at 5am after dropping off at about 3am so i thought id get up and enjoy some early morning sun ...........but there isnt any.

    Have a good day anyway xxx

    Lin x

  • I feel for you Diddle, I am the same.its horrible! take care Cazx

  • lol Diddle! Welcome to my world!

    You know, one day I'm going to be brave and video myself getting out of bed, then getting dressed! You know what I mean, those days when you're feeling almost normal and decide to stand up and get dressed...I find myself in the most odd positions, looking like some sort of whirling dervish, getting tangled in trouser legs, leaning too far to put socks on, and bashing myself on the chest of drawers...Usually, I do this right before a medical appointment so I go in looking like I've gone ten rounds with a pro boxer and lost!

    If it weren't for humor, we'd stay in tears, in bed, and not move!

    I've learned to do action plans on Sunday for the week...I list things I want/need to do, take the first 10 in order of importance, list one for each day of the week, what I need to do to achieve the goal, and how confident I am that I will be able to do it...In doing this, I know each day what I have to accomplish, so I don't expend lots of energy on other tasks...(Learned this trick thru the Expert Patients Program, such a positive group! Shows you that no matter what your chronic illness is, there are ways to help yourself physically and emotionally. If you don't know much about EPP, speak to your GP, they may be able to organise a group at your surgery)

    Off now to rest, had my shower, goal complete!<air punch>

    Gentle hugs, love, blessings, and angels to you xoxo

  • I don't mean to laugh, but I can so relate to this - THIS IS ME! lol! Hubby tells me he waits to hear me creak out of bed, apparently it's a mix of oooohs and aaaaaahs and I assure you not in ecstasy! Getting out of bed for me is like a military operation, it has to be planned ahead. It then has to be executed very carefully or I find myself in a heap on the dressing table!

    After the oooohs and aaaaaahs it's then the slow cranking of a vintage machine with all the creeks and cracks as I straighten up reading to attempt walking out of the room in a drunken stagger sort of walk! This entertainment for my hubby is repeated every day, I am sure it's become something he looks forward to daily! We laugh about it, because that's how it is! If we took everything too seriously with Fibro we'd give up! It can be very funny sometimes. (Not on very bad days of course, that goes without saying, those days are awful)

    Even showering, washing and drying my hair becomes a strategy - once accomplished is the feeling of victory! Then comes the resting . . . :)

  • Libby de , Thank you making me laugh so much, I am laughing, because I am sure my husband is the same in looking forward to the daily fibro entertainment I give him. .... every morning would make a good comedy sketch....keep laughing and don't let the fibro get you down.....I think I will take my own advice to

  • im terrible in the morning it takes me ten mins to get up im in so much pain yhen it takes me a couple more hours to come round ,hot bath helps but he ho we must keep giong xxx

  • I am exactly the same, once you get going it gets a bit easier, what a horrible fiend,this Fibro is! At the moment it is my arms which are giving me constant pain. Does anyone get the pain in the eye sometimes? xxx

  • i know how you feel i to have had severe muscle pains in the tops of my arms for weeks now i thought it was the bad weather but the heat didnt help much and as for pains in eyes oh my goodness its awful sometimes it feels like a severe headache until you realize its actually yours eyes even touching them is painful i do believe having now gone through the dreaded menopause my fibro has got worse

  • Good morning every one :)!! You indeed need to laugh or you will cry! Im 22 and feel 92!! Luckily i got up this morning and felt really good so have put in 2 loads of washing, washed up and had a tidy around. Now having a rest and the pain is creeping in but at least ive done most of what i need to!! Hope you all have a lovely day,

    Gentle hugs to all xxx

  • haha you sound like me in a morning i agree it's not funny but if you don't laugh you cry gentle huggs and keep smiling xx enjoy the sun if you have it near you xx

  • oh diddle - i am 52 ( and often feel about 104 ) and look way way older - one person (who I still grumble about ) said she thought I was the age as her - she's 67 !! arrrggg !!

    Sorry you are feeling so rough with your sleep problems - I will pack up some ZZZzzzz's and send them your way (with a pretty bow on), but seriously, i really hopew that you will bery soon get some decent resptorative sleep

    muchly muchly dottii xx

  • do you know though although i feel 90 most people think i am in my early 30 s and i am 47 so that very strange

    love to all diddle xxxxx

  • Sorry if I am goidng to cause offence now but I am in pain and now totally confused . On my post about pain meds or natural supplements someone posted they were on the low oxolate diet ( so am i) and went swimming had tens and had not needed pain meds for 3 weeks and were sleeping and getting rest. Now on this thread they say they know about the pain of getting up arms hurt all the time and a pain in the eye..... Sorry if I have offended but the two posts don't match up... I really thought this site would help me but I am now feeling confused , guilty for noticing the discrepancy and still in pain .... Maybe my head isn't in the right place to be on here right now.

  • Helen I understand what you're saying. Think of it like this - some things work for some of us whilst different things work for others. We are all different at the end of the day, different meds work for different people. Physio works for one person but not the next. It's the same with diets, some swear by say the Cambridge Diet whilst others try Weightwatchers or the lemon and vinegar diet.

    Some people think swimming helps whilst others are in too much pain to even think about it. Any information can seem conflicting to those it doesn't help. We all have to find what works for us whether meds, treatments, alternative therapies, even down to seeing different Consultants.

    I think the secret of any forum is for the members to sift through the information and advice given and apply it to their needs or to how they feel. We are all individual with differing symptoms. Yes we all have Fibro, but we all have differing levels of pain and fatigue etc. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else.

    I hope this explains it for you. Please feel free to pm me if you're still a bit confused over it all, happy to help any time. Take care. :)

  • Oh sounds so familia Diddle, I am 25 in my head, 50 is my real age and 95 or so in my body age, I understand when you say you have to laugh otherwise you will cry.....There is a lady who goes to my church....and she is 98 years old, and she is fitter than me, she strides out with gusto, I can't keep up with her......surely that not right :-) I hope your feeling better today x

  • lol glad i not the only one then ha ha . llove diddle xx

  • yep Diddle, I'm turned 50 this year but people are often surprised (the one good thing about putting on weight with meds is the wrinkles get pushed out by the fat lol) they wouldn't be if they saw me get out of bed in the morning! The cat gets very annoyed waiting for her brekkie xx

  • lol thats the other thing i have gotten thinner as i have got older i have always been 8 stone noew i am bout 7 and no fat at all so i have lost weight with the meds and fibro i hope i dont get any thinner as i will start to look haggard lol oh well love to you diddle x

  • This all sounds so true I am 57 glad I have got this far I apparently do not look my age but I feel about 98 most mornings and I do the arising from bed ballet at about 5am cause it takes me till 9.00 to fell human. haha My daughter says I sigh a lot I do not even know I do-- an exhalation of air during movement helps keep the pain down has any one else heard that?

    From one creaker to another have a good day x gins

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