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Does anyone on here actually NOT take anything for theirr fibro? if so what method of pain relief do you use? its just that i rattle when i walk and it really does not take away the pain so i just wondered why i need to take all the meds i am on if i would feel the same without them ????? i would not jus stop any medication without seeing my GP or try anything alternative without seeing my GP i just wondered what other peoples thoughts were / enjoy your day and love to you all Diddle x

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well i take anti depession tabs not for the pain tho and dont take any meds for the pain try and live with it esp when i read people still in pain and they are on a cocktail of meds,


yeah i take 40 mg citralopram a day for depression but i still miserable and down right depressed most days so dont think its working but then what would i be like without it ? i dont know i suppose just keep as i am like all of us and wait for that miracle cure ??!!! you never know / enjoy day love to you Diddle x


I have been on a fair few meds for pain, and have run out of some of them due to my script not ready, and boy am I in agony today. So it looks like I need them. I'm also on citalopram and find it helps a bit with the depression, but not always.

What you have to remember is what works for one person, might not work for others. I find that when I do something in the sunshine, it brings my mood up, or cooking a meal when I can for my other half does the same. But this might not work for you.

Works the same way with meds - I tried Brufen retard as it helped an elderly friend, but finding it doesn't work for me. So will see what happens when I go to the pain clinic next week....

Swimming helps some people, as you're supported in the water and not making jerky movements - some doctors might refer you for hydrotherapy.. worth looking into!!!

Hope this helps a bit xx hugs xx


That is so so true what is treatment for one is torture to another so although we all shatre the same symptons we are all on different types/strenghts of medication and all our GP are saying different things so yes we can all listen to each other which is great but ultimately we must always consult with our own GP s as to what should be increased /decreased/ or stopped/started, we all may feel we know the condition inside out but we arent medically trained or Gp 's lol well i am not any way, you take care and hope you have a good day love to you diddle x


Good point - always speak to GP xx love to you too sweetie xx


:) :) :) :) enjoy day, jus waiting for the sunshine to pop out love Diddle x


I cant understand how anybody could get through the day with fibro and not b on meds of some kind. Im on that much I rattle, iv tried cutting them down but after 2/3 days the pains so bad Im in total agony and bedridden 4 lot of days. Its really not worth that, I also use tens machine. This really works and u can pick them up quite cheaply now in places. Also find hot water bottle, heat pads r great when in agony. Must admit my gp has been great and reads up a lot on my condition as well as attending seminars bout it. Id b totally lost without his support. Soft hugs 2 u all x


Hot water bottle sounds good - freezing outside and in my house (no heating) ... off to the kitchen to get one!

Hope you have a good day xxxx gentle hugs xxxx


Hi diddle,

I sometimes think the same about having so many pills and stil being in agony, but i know when i forget to take or leave it too long before i take somemore.I am crippled when i do, so i know i definatly need them.

I wouldnt be without them now and yes i am proberbly addicted to them but i cant help it.

I never tell my family how much i take and go into details as they think i take too many, but i am sure if they were as bad as me then they would take them too or stay in bed.

I take amitriplyn for insomnia, definatly cant sleep without them.

I take cocodamol for joint pain which doesnt actually work nomore.

I take gabapentin for nerve pain and i would never be without this one as i think it is best one.

Misskittycat, i hope you get your heating sorted soon, i couldnt be cold as it makes me a hundred times worse poor you. :(

kel xxx


i would love to go with out meds but the only prob is the side effects such as the swelling so taking meds to counter the side effects .and trying to cut down on amount and ending in so much pain you can't moove so you put them back up , then they stop working having to find a new cocktail that means sitting with your doctor so you are not on any that counter the other . So we need a cour please if we all wish hard then we may get hahahahahahah sofft hugs to everyone out there :-D


Yes think we all get put on a cocktail. I slowly weaned off mine (my doctor does not know yet) but this i blame on Pain Management as he said could be my medication causing all the problems?!?! hang on did i not get put on the medication because of TESTS etc and so thought hmmm rite we shall see, so weaned off to prove a point and yes!!! still no different so ended back on some of them ie Pain killers but cos i have to run around with work constantly i cannot get mobile unless i take something like oiling a creakiy door hahaha.. every day is a challenge!! past 2 wks hell!! gorrilla hugging my ribs and back and could not go out! incontinence (had no idea it happend) and this week my legs have been really bad but am driving all the time i feel an idiot walking to petrol station trying to keep on my feet! arrrgggh so what we supposed to do SUFFER!! Sorry we Do need something xx


have never tried a TENS machine but some swear by them.

hydrotherapy works for some. I ended up in so much pain after a swim session that I stopped going. I'm a large woman and am still a large woman, even in the water. Dragging that along is hard work. My new GP recently suggested it and I just laughed!

Heat works for me at really bad times. I have a wheatpack for my neck that I nuke for 2 minutes. The best £5 I ever spent. I also have 2 electric heatpads I purchased from Boots. I can spot treat whichever bit of me is causing aggro.

I'm being referred for acupuncture and am curious to see if it works. Just have to wait 6 months before finding out :-/

On my old cocktail, I would withdraw meds, once or twice a year, to see how things went. Invariably I was climbing the walls after 24 hours :-/ this showed that the meds were being effective to some degree. Not sure how I'd test it on my current cocktail. All I know is that without Naproxen, I would not be able to move (RA) and without Amitrip and Gabapentin, with codeine back up, I'd probably shoot myself! Even with them, it has been a close call at times :-(


At present I take 50mg amtriplyine, 2x 800mg brufen retard and cocodomol 30/500 4x daily for pain and I am still in a lot of pain at moment, as we are all individual we all react to different medicines and pain relief to others, i was on celebrex but due to side effects gp changed me with agreeing with rheumatologist to brufen retard, surprised that with that amount that i am still actually able to function in a very demanding social care job. I totally agree with the hot water bottle. a nice long soak in a warm bath can relieve me of pain for that short period too, after a long day at work. I just need to learn to give myself more self care and be assertive and learn that it is ok to say no as we are only human. A lot of people will never fully understand the pain we are constantly in when carrying out a normal job. Stay positive and I always find that helps with the pain on occassions too love and hugs xx


Hiya Diddle, I used to regularly take a few different painkillers each day but found they made me feel worse and when they get used to you they dont have the same effect anyway. I use a heatpad along with either a hot bath or shower and use relaxation too as this seems to ease the tension and pain in the muscles. I use feldene gel to rub in and take 60MG of Cymbalta each day as this medication although its an antidepression is also known to help fibro. I also try to get in some Reiki or Reflexology sessions as these I find helpful. When I do need to take painkillers I then find they are more effective. The other benefit is that I do not constantly feel drugged up to the eyeballs. I think you have to try and explore a range of different options though as what suits me may not suit you and the more you understand about the illness the more I find it helps. Take care x


I've tried all sorts of treatment, deep body massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physio. The only 1 that had any effect was hydrotherapy. The acupuncture was complete waste of money and don't start me on the deep body massage, I was in so much pain for full wk after that I swore never again. The pain from the fibro was bad enough without the after effects of that. I know a lot of people take Amitriptyline and swear by it but I collapsed on a no of occasions and was so bad I was hospitalised on few occasions and they put it down to the Amitriptyline. Everyones different and I think a lot of it is trial and error till we get a cocktail of drugs that suits us best. I take gabapentin, robaxin, escitalopram as well as 35mgs of buprenorphine / transtec patches. You can hear me rattle as I shuffle I love my heat and cant bear any cold at all as I feel it makes me worse, feel sorry for my husband and son at times as heatings on constantly and while they are sweating I am still complaining about the cold. Soft hugs to everyone xx


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