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Vit D

I finally got to see a rhumatologist who did full blood panel and gave me a steroid injection in one of my fibro/arthritis spots, above the buttock OUCH as a trial to see if worth doing. So far i just feel like ive been kicked by a horse! But he def ruled out any inflammation, instead he said i have pretty much no vit D. This was picked up 4 years ago so I take 10,000mcg daily and sunbathe any chance i can. So this came as a shock, why is my body not absorbing it? Been put on massive doses and am reading a book about Vit D which talks about fibro symptoms being totally relieved with adequate vitvD. Will keep u posted!

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I have also been on Vitamin D as I don't absorb it very well, as far as relieving symptoms I have not as yet noticed any improvement, lacking this vitamin has left me with nerve damage so maybe if this is picked up as early as possible you could improve, I do hope this is the case with you. Lou x


Vitamin D the sun vitamen the most important one next to vitamin C

Get your rhumatologist to TAKE BLOOD samples amd check the levels. Mine ia fine at the moment but do keep an eye on it, The ability to absorb can some times be a problem your rhumy will help . I am not so good today so I will catch you later

Kee[ smiling




My vitamin D depletes I am 34 should be between 50-70

My doctor and rheumo has put me on them again this time round but the side effects are to much I have just come back from Cyprus where the heat was unbearable I have gotten so dark I am Carribean and I am 3 -4 shades darker I'm hoping this has done something. I also had the steroids last year it had horrible side effects for me for the first few days it helped for about two weeks rheumo decided not to give me anymore my Gp is thinking of giving me another try but I am worried about weight gain which I have tried so hard to reduce x


Hope the steroid injection works for you. Mine did , fortunately. I have low VitD and took supplements as suggested by Rheumy, Not altered my pain levels though.




Hi i found the vit d helped by reducing the spasms I was having, especially rhe restless legs at night. Prior to taking the suplement I was pole axed by back spasm and spent half an hour trapped on floor in a museum the last time i tried ro take a holiday !!


Vit d has been the latest kick the medics are on and whilst i think its important i think they should focus on why your vit d is low not keep piling in more that you do not absorb

most hypothyroid patients are very low in vit d




long before their TSH rises enough to get diagnosed in the UK

what other test results do you have ?

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Hi HB1968

Thank you so much for your very interesting post. I will be exceedingly interested to see how this goes for you? I am in agreement with gins, as that most vitamins and nutrients need another to be able to spread and be absorbed around the body.

I am taking tow doses of the Accrette D3 daily to help my Osteoporosis, along with Alendronic Acid 70mg weekly. So far, so good!

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your treatments.

All my hopes and dreams for you



My Vit D was low 12 .... After lots if test they found my left parathyroid was blood with calcuim ... My calcuim levels were high .

. I had para removed removed and slowly my levels are rising.

Look up Parathyriod .. I hope this helps



I know that taking low dose magnesium - the amount that's in a general multi-vit is sufficient - really helps with vit d absorption/adsorption. If your magnesium level is too low that could explain why you aren't absorbing the vit d.


Hi Sweetheart. I had that problem with vitamin D and now I take Vitamin D with K as the K helps with the absorption. I had a good blood check last month. Hope this helps honey!!! xxx Mitzi


Thanks all, yes k is important with d but its rare a doctor will tell you that. I take up to 30 pills etc a day vitamins minerals supplements and meds. Ive had fibro for years but got diagnosed with depression at 21 then every symptom was just somatic till i got bloods done privately- i have hypothyroidism took 4 years for GP to accept that. Now they keep bit of better care on regular blood tests but obviously not that good- thyroid was low a few months ago but didnt test my vit d which was 8. Most helpful person to me was my shrink, but none of thr antidepressants licensed for fibro treatment helped me much. What i hate is when they write it off as stress related- i get flares when im on a lovely holiday! Only another sufferer knows the cruel feeling of having a good day only for a flare to hit a couple of days later out of the blue. Best advice overall- keep it in the day x


Hi ive been told that very low on vit d is it a thing with fibro .im still waitin to see a rheumotologist or pain clinic


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