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I dont know why i get excited when the new Argos catalogue comes out as they are the same really just summer one you get garden stuff and winter one you get christmas stuff and thats about it i normally end up going in the car and getting books or the whole family about 8 lol but my daughter camre home from work last night and she had 2 as they were giving them out in the towm so i am now going to sit on my bed with a coffee and flick through it amnd spend loads of money (but only in my head lol) unless i won the lottery and no one told me

love to you all enjoy your day will be back later love diddle x

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Men..... My husband WORKS at Argos ... He was there on his day off yesterday putting all the new catalogues out on the counters and getting the catalogues sorted on pallets ready for today and he DIDNT bring one home ... I have to sit here and wait impatiently for him to bring one today..... Bet he forgets......

lol i was married to an electrician and my lights were always flickeringg and i used to say can you sort it out his answer was it is to do with the national grid !!!! yet any of my family wants a light doing there before the phone went down lol

my friend was married to a man who ran a friut and veg stall and yeah you guessed it her friut bowl never had friut in it and he always forgot to bring her potatoes home

my partner is a car mechanic i asked him to put new bulb in my brake light gone on passenger side this was monday night it takes about a min to do i think he is doing today Arghhhhh but what really annoys me is he can mess about with anyone elses car really hard jobs taking hours but for me a min putting a bulb in we will see bet i have to remind him when he picks me up in a bit to take the dog lol

so theyt are all the same

But if we forget anything well you would think the world had ended and we have got probably 6/7 things going on in our heads at one time sory men but you can normally only cope with one love diddle ( i will get slaughtered now for that comment !!!)

Ohhhh diddle you may be just the person to answer the question I posted on driving as you do drive if you have any ideas please could you let me know xx

will take alook is it on questions ? love diddle x

my husband works in a food shop but he never brings home shopping even when we need milk

gentle dyslexic hugs

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