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doctors case me more pain

well seeing my usual doctor was a no go .. and i went to see another one in the practice ... saddly i chose this time to take my doctor phobic huby with me and guess what the doctor said ..... the tablets work better if you think possitivly ... OH GREAT .. he knows nothing about me or why i have FMS but this doctor made the judgment that i am an un working lazy mum who does nothing but feel sorry for my self ( i know there are some out there but i am not one )

now this was a little while ago ... so i went back to my normal doctor and we did a swop and change to my tablets but they not helping so i just mentioned it to my Husband and quote " did nt the doctor say you have to think possitively for the tablets to work " what does he think i do ??

I work I look after the house busy children try see friends and nap and take pain killers to get out of bed how do i think more bleep possitive as i feel like sh**

so now what do i do ??

sorrry rant over xx

hugs to all

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if you have to think positive for them to work you may as well eat smarties!!!(and they taste better) what on earth gets into these insensitive doctors - they need to go for retraining to come out of the dark ages. try another doctor honey xxx (((((hugs)))))


Outrageous...... that is funny, why do all Drs not say that then.....what a load of B!!!!

I'm not sure whether any research on meds will say that positive thinking will improve the way the meds work!!!

These Drs come out with the most wierd comments.

You sound like you do masses on a daily basis which must be hard, but then to be knocked like that is just awful.

Even the best GP's come out with the strangest of stuff, it's usually due to the fact they don't know what they are talking about.

I was really ill about a month ago, feeling sick all day long, could't eat a thing and losing weight by the day. I dropped to 7.5 stone and I'm 5'5" tall. My BMI was very low. I couldn't get an appointment with him, but spoke to him on the phone saying how poorly I felt and his response was " well I don't know what is wrong with you"!!! He then said I was depressed due to all the Sh1t I have gone through in the last couple of years. When I said that I wasn't depressed, he said I was and that he wasn't going to argue on the phone. I was so upset as he was so rude.

Anyway after a while my ill feeling passed and I have put weight back on,,,,thank goodness.

Anyway honey, keep up that positive thinking and I'm sure you will get better, because of course this illness is all in our heads!!!!!!



I meant why don't all Drs say that then!!!


Hi lexie, sorry you are having a hard time. :(

I dont take my other half with me as he would just pick up on the points that just arent true.

I f i would of taken him in on my last appointment which my doc actually said nicely that getting some weight off would slightly help (i actually agree bythe way) but there were more important things said but i know that will of been the only thing my other half would of taken in, and he would bug me.

If doctors thought positive was the key of getting better then why do they prescribe all these addictive drugs? i just dont get them.

I do hope you have some luck with a nice doctor soon.

kel xxx


Has anyone else heard that now in UK you can choose a doctor from anywhere in the vicinity, instead of having to choose the local one? All of my doctors have now retired except one, who moved to another area, but they wouldn't take me on because I didn't live in that postcode area.

If it's true you canm now pick any doctor, I could get back to my old doc who totally understood and helped me greatly through diagnosis to treatment and help and info. I do hope I can switch, but haven't found any info about doing it online.

I'd appreciate any info anyone has please.


you phone the practice you want to go to and ask if they have space you need your NHS card ( doctor can tell you where from I live in wales so may not be the same place )

I am thinking they do not have to take you so check out first but i could be wrong

Not sure if they can do it on line but most things can be done on the phone but they will expect you to go into new doctor to have a check up

good luck


thank you all ... Yes the other catchy one my doctor has pointed out is my weight and yes i have tried one pointed out if i lived on boilt pain rice and water for a few weeks that might help !!

I go to a practice where the one good fms doctor is lovely hence the reason i dont move i am scared to give up one .small ish doctor incase i never find one again ...

thank you for all the support mind xx


Either divorce if his opinion of you is that bad or get loads of information from the doctors and make him read up about this invisible disease. My other half was just the same until he came to one of my appointments and saw the doctor reduce me to tears during a needle examination of my muscles. It took me 3 hours to calm down and he was great during and after this time. Its like someone has stolen my fella and replaced him with a replica xxx


I like the idea of making the doctor read up ... not the devorce. maybe i will try again at the doctor ..


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