hi there to everyone,am new here.i have a Q: if anyone can and does reply,i say thank you in advance,as having a some pain ,so saying THANKS NOW: i got diagnosed begining of this year with fibro,cfs,and also a bowl disease,so due to my bowl disease i can not take certain pain killers,espcially the ones that can make you tramadol and ones like that are out of the my doctor tries to be helpfull,which he now has transferd me to a pain management clinic,(no appiontment as yet)he still dont understand the whole concept,i think of the different and how intense the fibro pain can be,so am asking ,is there anyone that may know what pain relief i can take,SORRY also can not take inflamation tablets either.XXXXX

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  • Probably best to ask your pharmacist, as they will know what is safe for you to take; often more so than the GP! Do tell them what the bowel condition is, though - Crohn's, IBS, ulcerative colitis, etc. - as this will probably make a difference.

    Sara xx

  • Many thanks, Sara xx

  • Hi Sara

    I hope you don't mind but can I ask you which Bowel Disease you have as I am constantly constipated I think mainly because of the Tramadol, but I also suffer with IBS, one of my other conditions (I have many) apart from Fibromyalgia is Coccydenia and I know the constipation make the condition a lot worse some days my Coccydenia is so painful I cannot sit down at all for days on end.

    Thanking you in advance JJ

  • no sure its fine, had four biopsies taken ,and they came back with,active ileitis,that was 3 months ago and am still being fobbed off,not even my doctor has even told me what it actually is,as my mum has ulcerative collitis in the what was her larger bowl,and wears a colostomy bag ( but i think mine in the smaller bowl ) and my mums sister has divert someting colitus.sorry dont know the full name of it. So am STILL left hanging. Which probarly has not helped you out Sara,sorry.x


  • SAY

  • Ileitis is inflammation of the ileum, which is part of the small intestine. I think it's linked to Crohn's, so it might be worthwhile checking that out. Your Mum's sister will have diverticulitis, which is where you get little pockets forming in the intestines, which can collect faeces and become inflamed.

    Hope that's helped! xx

  • many thanks indeed SootyB xxx.

  • Hi Ibbksscjcbj

    ok thank you I looked up what you called yours and SootyB is correct on both, Thank you SottyB. At first my Dr though I had Diverticulitis but it turned out to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome as I say I think my constipation is a side effect of the Tramadol & Naproxen I have to take Dr has just given me Laxido Orange Sachets to take (I still have to take Senna & Fibrojel Orange) as well and this new med is helping to keep my constipation more under control so that's good, hopefully will help my Coccydenia also.

    Regards JayJay

  • you should ask him for movicol i think its called then you wont need all the others its a better natural sachet with water thats better for your bowl,they dont like to hand it out as dearer i think but alot better than all the others,takes a few days to see it working.then you can cut out senna and the other one.i found it alot better.

  • Hi Thank you for replying back to me, I did try movicol a few months ago but it made me feel really sick all the time & also developed a rash on my feet at the same time I started taking it, my Dr said I must be allergic to something in it so took me off it, that's when he gave me the senna & fibrojel

  • ooo i see. As always most of us fibro sufferes allergic to something,am like that now with bread and milk gotta look into it more as did not see point in asking doc

  • Hi, I only take pain killers when Im in total agony and desperate,( dont think they help me at all really )The only things I find helpful which would be ideal for you are the micro wave heat packs. These are my best friend as I can use them anywhere-neck, knees, back,etc,and I often have to take one (or two) to bed with me so I can sleep. I have also had some relief from ibulieve gel(dont know if you can use that tho,) and for headaches theres a product that you rub over your brow(sorry ive forgotten the name ! )Hope this helps you a little , take care kath x

  • i think thats were i may be weired,as when my muscles kick of,espcially them locking up and going into spasam, i prefer cold on them,not heat,so i lie there with cold on my legs and arms then hot water bottle on my side,lol think i may be mad lol.thanks though.xx

  • Ive been advised to alternate between hot and cold by a few doctors, but im such a softy when its cold , id feel I had frost bite ! Never dared try it. However ive started having hot flushes lately so who knows ! Sometimes think this might just be a bad dream and i ll wake up ok, but its never happened yet

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