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Please help pain killers

was hoping you could help me, I have been with my new doctor 2 years now and she's been great. Your ment to have a tablets review every year, I always book in for one I'm kinda a stick to the rules person, but this time I feel I've been cheated. At my review she was happy with the tablets then got to my cocodomol and said there pushing for people to come of these cause their not good long term, who ever they are. I had no problem as long as you give me something for brake through pain, which she give me paracetamol I could buy myself in the chemist. She told me ill be very sore over the weekend then ill settle down . I've been in agony since my problem is I weaken with severe back spasms and hip and thigh pain when I wake I take two then when I wake to get up I have to take another two, and I use them bad flur ups. I don't no what to do I have been on tramadol before and they don't work, Do you think I should go back and state my case do you think it's possibly she will give me them back or is it a case of once your of them you don't get back on them. Please help me, I feel like the future is one dark hole and I was gonna try to achieve things with it being the new year now I feel hopeless

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Morning Do return to your Doctor and explain that the paracetamol doesnt touch the pain! Be honest the change to your meads has increased the pain don't worry She should be able to suggest something else perhaps Ibripfoen might help!

Good luck




go back and talk with your GP. Paracetamol never worked for me as it gives me headaches without pain relief elsewhere. I was prescribed meloxicam for my break though pain and take tramadol for daily pain.




I would certainly go back to your GP and explain the situation. Doctors don't like patients being on codeine based drugs long term as codeine is very addictive and some of what you are experiencing could be because of that. One of the members of the pain clinic group I attend has had the same experience over the last few weeks and he is in an awful lot more pain. I take them, as you do, for the days when the pain is too much, but my GP would have a serious fight on his hands if they tried to stop them without giving me an alternative of a similar strength. Good luck, Linda.


Hi i left a message with doctor today that the paracetamol was not helping when I rang back for the reply I was told to persevere, wow I was happy to try this I never put up a fight I did not want to look like a junkie now I'm Donald ducked


I had the same problem when my doctor retired. The new doctor had just been on a course about addicition to codeine based drugs and wanted all the old doctors patients off them as soon as possible. He said I was on two separate drugs that had codeine in them. He suggested that instead of the cocodamal I take just paracetamol and I said I might as well take smarties for the pain relief as they ahd never had anu effect on pain alone for me so headded Ibuprophen tabletsto the paracetamol which have helped a bit. I am now off any medication that contains codeine but the pain relief is not so good.Like you they were something that had always suited me and I had no side effects from them. Try and give it another week to show you have made a concerted effort and then I think if your pain is still mega you will need to go back and perhaps ask to see a Pain specialist for advice to see whether there is any other medications you can try.


Thai you for replying I've spent six years getting the balance right the pain clinic here is not much use you never get to see an actual doctor or consultant it's always the nurse I live in n.Ireland what way do the pain clinics work across the pond I've heard it's a better set up


Hi sinead10

I am so sorry to read this and I would definitely go back and explain to your GP that you need something more appropriate for your pain.

All my hopes and dreams for you




Rather than feel like a "junkie" with your doctor. I would go back and say that the paracetamol is just not helping your pain at all. Then don't say anything else. That pause you give will allow him or her to decide what else they can give you. If the doctor says just manage on the paracetamol then you can tell they are not really willing to manage your pain for you. So then say ok I would like to be referred to a pain management consultant at the local hospital. You are quite within your rights to do this. If the doctor asks why. Just say the paracetamol is not managing my pain and I wish to be referred. They are not allowed to refuse you. If they do. Come back on here and I will help you to take it further. You have rights as a patient and a pain management consultant will do a much better job of managing your pain than a general practitioner. That has been my personal experience in the past 15 years. Don't be afraid to get the help you are entitled to. You are not being pushy. You are just trying to get your life back.....hugs.

Al xxxx

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Patients Right? can not type much as in horrendous pain all over . I have been left without a Gp with lots of conditions but the most inportant one is pain relief, sorry re mistakes my brain shuts down. I have posts something on here earlier. The NHS had let me down and I have been discriminated against!! does any one know what I can do. An easy way to get help as I can not get my head together to write complains to NHS etc. Re pain meds I was on co-codamaol and Oramorph before I got these chronic conditons and really could do with going back on them. Does Tramadol help with all Fibro pain and Nerve pain? So sorry ro read about the difficulties that people are going through and so sorry I can not reply to all but I have tremmors in my hand now? Typing isn't easy. I am on paracetalol 6 hourly !!!

Pregabalin at 75mg 3 times a day and doesn't seem to be helping only been on it for about a week. I am beside my self !! Sorrry for jumping in. I can not get to my gp as I am painfully bed ridden due to the lovely nhs.i have no idea what I am going to do!! I have one thing in mind but I can not do that where I am. I am thinking about all your difficulties and wonder why the nhs are not doing more to help people who are suffering!!xxx p.s I feel like screaming every waking minute and I get offered parracetamol and want to scream even more. I wish the pain was visable and then they would jump up and help.xx


Hi. surely you know your own body and works for you. I find paracetamol useless. I take co-codamol when I am in pain and have never had any problems with it is the only thing that works on me.


Thank you all , don't you just get fed up with not just the illness but the constant fight if it's not benefits it's doctors there both the reason I can't sleep at night , people will say you just have to come to terms with the illness, they don't realise your at constant war with proving yourself and if you didn't have to do that then of course you could come to terms.

Sorry I just paused their for a good cry time to sort the dinner thanks for sharing your thoughts girls ill keep you posted alliejones


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