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After visiting my job centre, the lady that interviewed me, said i should go home and speak to my doctor, she gave me an envelope so the Dr could write a letter explaining that i have no work capabilities, she explained that when you fill the form out its not right, they need to see you, she was very nice, i made an appt, i hate going to the Dr`s any way, my GP, is now off sick, i explained why i was there, he flipped, " Tell me why you think you cant work" i could of cried, i have a Heart problem, Fibro, and alot of other things that i wont bore you with, i explained my illness, i have also been getting tingling down my legs, then my feet feel numb, he made me get on the bed, i explained i cant lay down flat, i fractured my coxis, and i have virtigo, i asked for my coat as a pillow, he refused, so i lay there very upset and dizzy, he lifted my legs in the air and asked how that felt, to which both my legs were tingling and feet felt numb, i got off the bed, i asked again about dizziness, his reply "i cant see to everything today, you`ll have to come back in a fortnight", i feel so sad, i will never see him again, rang job centre whne i got home and cried, i am waiting for a call back, the lady i spoke to was shocked, dont know were i stand, feel very lonely now .........

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  • Morning Coops,

    What a ghastly appointment, he obviously did not listen to you! Poor you I think you had better find another doctor because your confidence in this one is now shot to pieces. At least the lady at the job center was more considerate. I hope this morning you are okay now what ever happens you are not alone we are all here and understand what you are going through!

    Feeling dizzy is so hard to cope with and the doctors can help so get an appointment with aother one and good luck xgins

  • Hi, I don,t know if you have read my blog dr an apology, basically I had an appt not quite as bad as yours but left in tears spoke to the people on here and when I was calm I wrote the dr a letter explaining what was wrong with me how he had made me feel and if he felt this way about me I had better change surgeries..... Got a phone call yesterday he apologised we had a good chat and things are much better between us.. If your gp was just a locum while yours is sick can you go see another at the practice... Some drs are awful with fibro some are having a bad day and we get the brunt of it cos they don't really know what to do and a polite kick up the bum sometimes works wonders ... I know my gp was helpful because I was polite in the letter and didn't use the in surgery complaints procedure which would have named and shamed him to all the other staff . Geez we fibro mites have to try some sneaky things to get what should a given thing .... Treatment... We are not mad we are Ill.

    Good luck VGxx

  • Hi that must have been awful for you-why dont you go back and take someone with you, ask for a double appointment and then he cant rush youi, I would take a list of questions written down and then you wont forget anything. i hope you get sorted,take care sue x

  • Thankyou to all reply`s, spoke to jobcentre today, the lady said write a letter explaining every single thing in my life, explain about GP, i can only try, xxxxxxx

  • How awful the experience must have been, we spend long enough trying to get people to understand our illness, you don't expect dr's to treat you badly. I had He even saaid yes OK bring them in when you have them. I took the forms in to him and he filled them in saying, I could walk ok without aids, and that fibro was not a long term disability, needless to say I changed my doc. I have badges now thanks to my dr I couldn't cope otherwise.

  • Poor you, what an awful experience. I wish our jobcentre was that nice tho. Theres a bunch of hungry pitbulls working at ours. And what planet is that Dr on? Fibro not a long term condition? Moron. He's welcome to mine if he'd like to find out for himself. Im glad you now have an understanding Dr. We have enough to cope with, physically,mentally and emotionally, without being treated like that. Good luck to you.Sending hugs.xx

  • Feel for you, I work a to and best thing is ask for double appointment. My Dr tried to encourage me to finish work. Made me feel like I was not good enough anymore. But he said I should not have to work if in so much pain. Tell my mortgage company that. See a different gp and take someone with you. If they are rude remember you are the of and deserve better.

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