Pain, pain and more pain!!!

Just got back from the doc's!! I'm not one to normally moan and complain, but it was desperation that sent me!!! I'm so, so fed up of this terrible, chronic pain, which seems to be getting worse daily!!

I've tried most of the pain relief drugs that I can take alongside my other meds, and to my surprise I was told I'd had Gabapentin in 2008!! Well, that's news to me! Apparently I did not tolerate it!! I've slept since then!!! The doc mentioned Pregabalin but the side effects were the same as Amytriptylene, which made me like a zombie!! So I plumped for Tramadol. It does only take the edge off it, but I thought...better the Devil you know!! She did mention a referral to the Pain clinic, but she didn't think it would do much for me as they would only probably give me the same thing. I tell you, I have the vet on speed dial!!!

Well that's all folks....thanks for listening!! XXXXX :)

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  • Hi Sue golly you've faced some tricky problems with meds. Tramadol does seem to be quite effective for fibro, but then there are the others which you can't take, which suit other people, which I think goes to prove how very individual each of our experience of fibro is. Personally, and I am speaking only from my own experience, it think pain clinic can achieve a lot, if you are open and able to attempt the things they ask of you. I'm afraid I don't think it was very clever of your doctor to be so cynical about the pain clinic, I know of many whose life has been turned around by a pain management course. I would certainly push her to make that referral to the pain clinic and see how they can help you :-)

    Positive vibes coming your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Totally Foggy. Pain clinic was the best thing that ever happened for me.



  • Sorry no wise words but gentle hugs 'i do understand'

    Not much help when you feel yuk (no swear words) lol

    I can't think straight at mo' hope it all eases soon.

  • Hi,

    actually I would totally recommend the pain clinic! I found the help and support I got there was brilliant. They put me on the Fibromyalgia management course which was great. I take Tramadol and it works well for me though I know others can't take the side effects.



  • Fibro management course sounds interesting. You must be very advanced on your planet :P

    my body ignores tramadol. I could never tell when the effects started or wore off.

    Gentle hugs to Sue :( You moan away if it gets it off your chest :)

  • Hi sue, so sorry to hear you are having such probs with pain, at the mo. I am going on a pain management course set up by my hospital physio soon, & has been said, they are so helpful. Get ur gp to reconsider a referral. Big, Gentle, Hugs with healing thoughts coming ur way, Julie xxxx

  • Hi sue32

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your problem.

    I think your best move would be to keep the vet on speed dial, after all, no vet would let a poor defenseless animal suffer in this way? The pain management clinic would probably be the best bet.

    I really hope that you can manage to get a good pain free sleep.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • At the moment im on zomorph capsules one in a morning one at night , and im approx.20mg of Oramorph and I also take Amytriptylene in an evening , ive heard pain clinics can be very good , but I haven't used one yet , I do hope your doctors realise pain is so disabling its easy to prescribe , but understanding is what you need , I hope things improve .

  • Thanks everyone! I did have a visit to a pain management clinic in 2008, but I had to travel 20 miles to get there every day for a week, and the group sessions would have caused me great anxiety - I don't deal very well with groups of people, but I didn't have too bad a night last night, not that I can remember anyway. I just seem to dream constantly, and they're really vivid dreams!

    Ken....I certainly will keep the vet on speed dial - maybe he could give me some Ketamine!!!! I'm sure that would work as pain relief!!!!

    Thanks once again....I knew I could rely on you all for great feedback!! :O

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