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Don't know what is going on with my arms today i just cant seem to lift them over my head or up at all they feel like someone has strapped weights to the tops of them , oh dear!!!!!

now for my hips they are gradually fusing themselves to a stuck position as i am typing so what is all that about??????

now for my eyes they are falling asleep ! why did they not do that at 11 pm last night ? why let me lay there all night eyes wide open only yo come down here at 5 am and now starting to droop???!!!!

My feet feel like i have been walking on hot coals all night ! have i/ where did i go last night? to get in this state?

the truth is i went to bed and thats it this is how i have woken up!!!

oh well now going to have a cup of tea and attempt to dress myself and do my hair and then see what other delights firo has got lined up for me today

love to you all and will be on here later hugs to you diddle x

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Hi diddle...hope your day gets better!

I'm trying to summon up the energy to take my dog out....but she's still snoring so i may stay in my comfy chair a bit longer!



yeah mine too i need to go get dressed but mug of tea first and doggy like yours curled up on a chair quite happy to keep there, oh to be that doggy lol food/walks/chocolate treats/ cuddles and knows lots of my secrets too love to you diddle x


I've been up since 4.30 - better half and the cats fast asleep in the bedroom still so I have escaped to my office for a while to see whats been going on! been off for a few days x

Hope you both have a good day!! lots of snuggly gentle hugs to you both xx


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