What's happening to my arms?

I had my arms up in the air yesterday changing lampshades (less than 10 minutes) and my arms and hands were in pain all night just because of that - months ago I had a flare up in my arms/hands (trigger point elbow)? where the muscles and tendons were agony for 3 weeks where I couldn't rest them anywhere as so painful - does anyone know what this is about, because since that time my arms and hands now feel weakened considerably and it is a concern because I don't understand what is going on. Thank you.

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  • hi reflections i thought at least you would be dancing with castanets to earn the flare up ( ha ha ) but no its just flares because it can , the problem is no one seems to understand it which is what makes it so hard to cope with, hopefully it will all settle down asap , warm hugs J

  • im the same my arms flare up from stupid things esp wen im on the fone for ages as holding my arms in that way for too long , the last few days typing and texting are triggering it. i hope u feel better soon i agree that flare ups just do cos they can!

    hugs Tink

  • I can't hold my arms up for long, sometimes I can't even brush my hair let alone wash or colour it!

    It drives me to distraction sometimes.

    Julie xx

  • I've got no strength in my arms or my hands or wrists at any time! it really gets me down! Just to put washing out or to hold my arms to do the simplest of things. It's one of the things we need to endure I'm afraid. I tend to hurt all in my shoulder blades when I have my arms up for too long and have burning in them too.

    Take care, Annie xx

  • i am the same .cannot hold my arms up to do anything.like hagnign washing or openign curtains.i could not wash my hair in the shower and now cant take a shower.i can drop something unknowingly and then take several attempts to pick it up.

  • i am totally the same i find it hard to even hold the phone,when it comes to drying my hair i give up as it hurts too much,i am glad to know that i am not yhe only one.

    Gentle ((((hugs))))

  • Yep me too, holding the phone, hanging washing,washing my hair, changing lightbulbs etc. If I carry shopping with my arms straight down, by the time I get to the door with it, my arms wont bend to put the key in the door and its very painful.My left elbow is very sore to rest on. I used to love a bit of DIY, but my arms wont tolerate it any more. If I do do it, I know I'll suffer BIG TIME later. My daughter is in a band and Id love to help them set up and pack up, but not only is it too painful, I'm afraid of dropping their gear. It makes me look and feel lazy tho.

  • Me nine I would say me two but there's mor than two of us on here just tryin to make a joke as am layed up in bed with my back this time nggg but yes I have trouble withe my arms just brushing my hair is agony and its quite long longer than in my profile pic that is an old pic from when I was 25 after I was diagnosed a friend won a day at a professional photograph studio she could take a friend and chose me it was a lovely day but boy did I know about it when I finished I was in agony for days after it was a case of where don't I hurt biiiiiiiig gentle hugs all round hope you all feel a bit better soon . Sithy

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