HI ALL.just thought this was priceless...i am going through an appeal for DLA,,an ongoing saga,,,i sent my first part in last week and sent 2nd part in tuesday,,,this is how the phone call;i am ringing to conferm my 2nd lot appeal papers have arrived,i have sent them recorded delivery..dwp person...oh right have you had a;er yes i am appealing the dicission..dwp...oh right let me check for you in case they have got lost!!!! OMG i nearly fell off my pearch;i sent them by recorded delivery..dwp..oh well they still could be lost even if they have been signed for!! few mins later ..dwp,could i have the tracking number bla bla...dwp..oh right well it says its an open appeal so they are waiting for all your; yes the concluding part was sent on tues..dwp;oh ok well it has been linked up so yes it has been recieved..but ring again on monday just to double check all is in order!!! its so obviously crystal clear they have no idea what they are doing!! i keep you posted xx

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  • My friends OH had a letter yesterday saying he was in the support group... He had a brand new form arrive today to say he needs to fill it in for them to reassess him to decide which group he should be placed in ....... You couldn't make it up ......


    Good luck I think you are going to need it :)

  • i know! i have been trying to get extra care for 3 years,so decided to fill in a change of circumstances as i was advised, as my health has deteriorated,they refused me and when i looked closer they had reached their decission using the ATOS medical...not to bad i hear you say ...BUT i had an oplogy from ATOS and they told dwp NOT to use the report as it was incorrect..[i put in a complaint] and they had!! when i rang the dwp said they had no record of letter from ATOS..even when i gave dwp the name of the person ATOS emailed!...i wouldnt mind but im retired and 63 so im hardly going to get better!..i do feel more positive of winning [she laughingly stated!] as i used all the DMG CRITERIA if they do refuse me again they are going to have to have a flippin good reason,its taken me all this time to find DMG and i just wish id found it before it would have saved a lot of time,...i think! XX

  • beggars belief! There are times when it surprises me these people find their way to work!

    You need a sense of humour in this game! :) xx

  • Glad you could keep your cool I would have had to bite my tongue VERY hard during that conversation!

  • hi,i wanted to laugh out loud! but it does no good,,last time they lost a lot of inportant documents,and i always send by recorded delivery,and when i spoke to the team who was looking after my claim,she said oh rite i can see its been signed for TWICE but now we cant find it!! but if i hadnt checked up [which i always do] it would have been MY fault and i would have missed the deadline resulting in my claim being void! they have managed to lose 3 years of bank statements! which by the way cost £ 8.50 to post!! and i had to send them all in again,and suprise suprise when they had finished with my claim [i sold some property so had to show where the money was and how i had spent it] what came through my door TWO LOTS OF BANK STATEMENTS!! including the original lost ones...its a good job we can laugh,because its always us that are in the wrong so we just have to do what we are asked...i am now waiting for the decission on the decission of my will keep you all posted xx

  • Hi. im sorry but not surprised that you've had this trouble. they are useless. but dont you find its not just the DWP who are brain dead, its the housing benefit, energy companies, hospitals, etc etc. you take the time to do exactly as they ask, sometimes as you found, at considerable expense to yourself, only for them to make a complete pigs ear of it all. its no wonder we get irate with these people, especially after youve had to contact them time after time at your own expense too. My phone contract bill ran over by £18 a little while ago, just tying to find out what was happening to my claim, after THEY had messed up. You cant claim that back either. As Tulips said, Im surprised they find their way to work every day.......DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I feel your frustration. xx

  • hi,and all we can do is keep on they want us to go away! and we have to remain polite as if we kick off we get nowhere...i rang DWP one one accasion and was passed on to three different people/departments and all three told me a different thing! ah well this lady aint for quitting! x

  • Thats happened to me too, so I asked them why they dont all work from the same page. How the hell are you supposed to know what to do if THEY dont know. I was told its because "when updates to system info comes in, not all staff are informed" ................ WHAT??????????????????????????????????????????????? its not as if its just the job centre here in plymouth or where you are, they're ALL equally as STUPID. On a more serious note, its no wonder claiments are pushed to breakdowns or even suicide. I was very close after my first Atos refusal and a few weeks on jobseekers becoz of the way i was treated. I have a feeling that more people are succeeding with their claims now. My theory is that the gov know they've messed up big time, without admitting it publicly and they're telling Atos and DWP to allow more people through.

  • hi,i live 10 mins away from DWP blackpool.well my last ATOS assessment was just as fictional as the first!..but no worrys iv sent off my appeal and will ring ATOS on monday to tell them yet again the assessment was incorect..xx

  • Good luck.xx

  • mmm i have a feeling i may need it lol x

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