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going on holiday

im going on holiday in the summer ,havnt been on a holiday for 6 yrs

im a bit worried cause obviously we will want to go out and about ,out at night etc

we are going with my best friend and her family so there will be 10 children all together lol

i dont know how im going to cope ,i went out on saturday with my friend and 8 of the children we have between us and spent all of sunday recovering ,

i dont want to spoil the holiday for everyone by being ill

anyone have any advice or tips on how to cope with a holiday ,much appreciated thank you


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Oh hun. I hope you can enjoy it and not be too ill. It's hard to pace yourself when you're with other people too isn't it. Hopefully they will all understand that if you do too much, you will need to rest the next day. I honestly don't know what else to suggest. Sorry. xxx


Hi Lynz :)

MMMMM sounds like you will have your hands full, i have a sugestion for you

1st tell us where you are going 2nd i am sure myself Mrs C and baby C would come with you, is there room in your suitcase for the 3 of us hehehehe :d

I wish i had the answer for you but i am not that clever sorry :(

I am sure that no matter what happens you will have a great time :)

Dont forget the post card :)



lol chorley :-D we are going to local coast cause the idea of traveling far away with 5 children in the car saying "are we there yet " 8 million times dosnt infuse me with excitment lol :)


be honest, sound like u r going with people who love ya, when things are getting to much say. ( they will understand, if the boot was on the other foot you would, wouldnt you? x Also for the last couple of holidays i have some lazy know early dinner or just loads of snacks from supermarket. couple of games of cards, my sister and i kept buying bits from poundland before we went and before we knew it had a bag full of surprises to keep the kids entertained ( much cheaper than resort too) and as much as a night out you will be be surprised how much others love lazy nights too. hubby actually ask for them now. lol . also alternate lazy day, night out, & day out , lazy night. most of all enjoy.spending time with ur love ones and have fun, lou xx


thanks lou thats a great idea and it will save some pennies too :-D


yep does in deed, already started a bag for our nxt trip with my sisters 2. x


hi there lynz i really hope that you enjoy ur holiday hun i think it will do you soon good as yyou have not been on holiday for such a long time,, and when you are on holiday you just enjoy ya self hun xxx


look you just get on that holiday and dont start stressing about it now,i am off tolondodn in may for 6 days with my mum/dad and partner and they have tolsd me they are going to go at my pace if i wan to stop we will stop if i want to just sit all day thats what we will do i am going and jus going to take it as it comes and you must do the same everyone knows how you are so they will be ok with whatever you feeling like each day and have you ever thought if they were worrying about how you would get on theyn would not have aske dyou to go would they , they would have made some excuse as to why it besy you stay at home so stop stressing about it go /enjoy/ do what you can/ you will have a lovely time love to you diddle x


thank you everyone youve been a real help :-D :)



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