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I have an ATOS nurse phone appointment today

I havent slept all night, so tired! feel sick with worry!

I have been off work since before christmas, and this phone call with the nurse can apparently recommend me for ill health retirement, Im only 38 (took me a while to work that out)

Work has been becoming more and more difficult to cope with. but i need to go for my own sanity. But i know at the minute im not capable of doing my job.

Im worried about this phone call as this could change the rest of my life :(

My husband is a self employed, so we dont have a steady income from him, im only part time but at least its a wage!

I just cant cope with this.

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I can understand your worry I had to give up work at 35 due to fibro and my mental state due to lack of sleep .....if you have to give up work and your OH is working there are benefits you will be entitled too so it's not as bad as it sounds.. Yes it is a big life change I went from working full time and the less money coming in was a worry to me , my Oh is so laid back he could limbo dance for England,,,,,,,,and sorted out what we were entitled to and 12 years later My family are still here together and Although my life is very different from what I imagined its still good.

Fingers crossed for you

VG x


Hi , read your post , I've been on sick since before Christmas . I was a support worker and self employed carer . I am the main earner am a single parent am now financially crippled. I am going back to work in a week sick note runs out. I can get another but darnt because I can't cope with the stress it makes me more ill. I had a spectacular job . I earned over a 1300 every month and it kept me and my daughter just comfortable . It's so stressful and I've been freezing all winter . I can't get my head round all this atos carry on. They like natzis. I've heard they are not sympathetic . They're sop posed to help and support . I really hope you get help . You need help, if you come across difficulty i heard CAB are really good . Try to be focused and be persistent good luck . Fingers crossed x


I have had the paper work for dla for about 4 months. Just havent got the confidence to fill it in. Im hoping if I say the right thing today on the phone I can use that in my application.


It's a nightmare ,, your ill can't work , prob get into arrears because there's a lack of money then get interrogated because your ill , and they make it more stressful which makes everything worse. I've had 4 hospital appointments have 4 more , been into hospital 3 times since Nov on emergencies , all that alone has cost in taxis and trains getting bk home , got turfed out if hospital at 8.30 at night , pitch black havnt A clue where I was . Then again at 6.30 am 3 mile walk to bus stop snow everywhere felt in shock and had to wait till 10 am for a bus sat in a cafe with one coffee for an hour till shops opened then just mooched around . I was wearing slippers. Everytime I have a siezure I panic because my kids ring 999 because it scares the life out of em. I've had no real help from An E they told me last time they could be migraines. Lol , never seen migraines completely put you into muscle contractions before . But then am no doctor. Ontop of that there's all this carry on with ATOs. Thing is if you can't work , you can't and they have to help but seems its not easy to get real understanding From them. Don't let them bully you , let us know what happens. X


Saw this reply and wanted to let you know that migraines can trigger seizures. But in the same respect they should really look into this for you xxxxx


Don't let people panic you either... Stay calm you will get through this and you have your OH he can find out about benefits there are plenty of different ones available depending on your husbands work hours etc... Just concentrate on stating the facts in your phone call and then relax doing some thing for you that you enjoy

VG x


Hello Tovi my dear. Try not to worry too much, take a deep breath. Just because one person's experience was negative does not necessarily mean that yours will be the same. Please be assured that we are here for you and we will do all we can to help and support you through this process.

No-one relishes hearing from ATOS, but you can prepare yourself in the best way possible. Do you have the Benefits and Work info sheets?! These can be very helpful, we can send them to you for free if you email us on, they contain lots of useful info on DLA and ESA, completing forms, assessments and appeals etc.

You have your hubby for support, you aren't alone my dear. Try to jot all the facts down, all your symptoms, your meds, how you are affected by Fibro, how this affects your ability to work etc, your general health as it is on your worst day not a good day. This helps them form a picture of how you cannot cope with your work.

Regarding your DLA forms, if you make an appointment at the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they can help you complete these forms. They are very knowledgeable and are specially trained so a great help with this sort of thing. That should alleviate some of your worry. Then you can send the forms off and complete the next stage. The info sheets I mentioned above can come in handy for all of this.

Take one step at a time, one day at a time and you will get through it with help and support from hubby and all of us here.

Any queries, worries or concerns, please just ask, we will do our best to try to help you at any time.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks I have the help sheets, and start reading them but get easily distracted.

well only 18 minutes to go before they phone at 11, having some hot cross buns and a coffee to chill...gosh im shaking!!


Not sure if you have had the call yet, but if you have I hope it went well for you xxxxx


i have had the call at 11am...and they are reffering me to capita for ill health retirerement. i am gutted so i am drinking wine :((


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