Hi all. :-) Can anyone else on here relate to feeling like their going mad through lack of sleep?

Ive been awake for approx. 3 day straight and am hearing noises which my adult children reliably reassure me are non existent, ie telephone ringing, music and my name being called. I dont have a mental health impairment (thankfully) but anymore of this nd il begin to worry that im going insane.

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  • Oh, lawdy! I sure can relate - I go 2-3 nights straight a week without sleep - And I hear non-existent noises too! We are not alone!?!?! :-P xx

  • You are not going mad , lack of sleep can cause it . xxx

  • You poor thing! I have had the same through lack of sleep, perhaps its time to go back to the GP, You need to really push how much the lack of sleep is affecting you. Good luck Caz

  • Oh yes, can relate to that. After a few days without sleep, I feel like a zombie.I just seem to operate on auto-pilot, hear none existent things, don't hear what IS said to me, and do stupid things. Family think I have gone senile

  • Thanx all for your warm & helpful replies. Ive had fibro now for 7 yrs nd all ive ever been given is a trail of an old style anti depressant meant to work on da nervous system (it didnt) occassional co-codamol for pain and a 10 day supply of sleepin tablets a few weeks ago to help reset my sleep clock (it didnt). I dont think my gp knos wat else to do with me. Comming on here has help as im slowly educating and arming myself with knowledge in relation to treatments options and when im more sure of my facts il def be going to see my gp again :-). As for da good news that in not goin insane nd that the symptoms im having r from xhaustion - wat a relief x

  • Hi Dixiesdaughter, your GP could be suggesting other medications to see if they work. Here is a link to the treatment section on FibroAction.org which talks about some of the treatment options that have helped some people:


    For some reason, it hasn't come up in blue as a link here so you can cut and paste the address into your browser. This page has links on the right-hand size to the different classes of medication that can help some people. There is also a section on the website for health care professionals which your GP might want to look at.

    As for your initial question about sleep deprivation, I've also experienced this in the past with all the symptoms that you describe. Normal doesn't seem like the right word but I think what you are experiencing is 'normal' for people who don't sleep.

    What works for one person may not work for another but I get a muscle relaxant Baclofen at a low dose and that helps me sleep although it does make me feel very heavy the next day.

    Good luck with your GP and getting some sleep.


  • ohhh god yes you certainly not alone huni i accuse my husband of saying something or my daughter and they are like we havent said anything xxx keep smiling an take care gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Glad to tell you , you are not going mad i am the same i have hardly any sleep1/4 hours a night which eventually takds its toll so dont worry it is purely your body playing tricks on you due to lack of sleep, the trouble is i dont know how long my body can take this its been about a yaer now the bad sleeping but i am only coming up to 47 so i hope that at some point it stops for a while and lets me sleep as earlier in the year i was really ill for a week and i am certain it was down to being totally run down due to lack of sleep and i am now going through thesame pattern again so i just hope i dont fall ill again . bless you it really does fel like that youare going mad though doesnt it love diddle x

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