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Trip to town - didnt end well!

Going on holiday with my daughter on Thursday for 5 days so today was a short shopping trip to get ourselves a few new clothes and shoes (like we didnt have enough already!)

we first visited our Grandmother, a very short walk from bus stop to her house less than 5 mins then went to 3 shops in town, probably there less than an hour but oh my god! my feet still resemble elephants feet, hips are very swollen and sore to touch, hands and fingers all swollen, face is slowly becoming swollen and itchy all over! GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!

so annoyed that such a short trip has left me like this. how i am meant to cope while we are away i dont know as i know there will be lots of walking around the seaside town, trips to the beach etc and no way am i letting my daughter miss out. i have been so looking forward to this break away and now im worrying about how i am going to cope. i am hoping the sea air will work wonders and ill be able to manage but worrying about how i am going to manage is also making me worse lol! cant bloody win sometimes!

oh and there is the 5 hour train journey to battle as well!

oh dear me!



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Hi Holly, I am sure we can all relate to how you feel. Planning any trip away can be a real worry for us with Fibro. I know I go into an almost panic worrying about it. I think the secret is to get yourself in the best position possible before the trip, so basically you have to take it easy tomorrow with only a day to go. Make sure you get regular rest periods tomorrow in between the things you have to do. Do these things slowly, take your time, pace yourself in other words.

Make sure you are comfortable on the train, if at all possible take a comfy cushion to sit on. Try to have small naps on the journey. Have little snacks along the way and drink often, this will really help your body cope better.

When you reach your destination, you are going to have to accept that you will be tired and you will need to rest. If you can explain to your daughter that you must have regular rest periods in between your activities, that you can't go on long walks but short ambles are fine with a comfy pair of shoes, hopefully you will manage.

I am sure the sea air will do you a power of good, you are bound to be concerned about the trip, but just be honest with your daughter - if you feel you need to rest, take 15-20 minutes to recharge your batteries, she loves you she will understand I am sure.

I hope you both have a lovely time, please let us know how it all went. Take care. :)


Hi Holly

There will probably be a mobility office where you can hire buggy for the day. Check through the council or just search under the Town. Ours here in Swansea is called Motability. It could make a great difference. Have a lovely break xx


I am not all that far from Swansea - Porthcawl - so i will check it out



Been looking at the bus longingly 44 I think. It passes right by me here going to porthcawl. Was my favourite place growing up. Maybe I'll be brave next summer and get on it :)

Hope you manage to arrange something xx


Hi Holly, the sea air and paddleing in the sea will do you and your poor swollen feet so much good getting there and any other probs will go to the back of your mind.

Relax enjoy and tell us all when you are home. Enjoy ! I love paddling x gins


Thanks all,

i am going to try and have a relaxing evening tonight. been a mad rush of housework and packing this morning as i have a friend coming to house sit so want everywhere sparkly clean for them!

taking my daughter to a party this afternoon so wont have to do much at all other than sit there and then tonight its a takeaway (so i dont mess up my clean kitchen lol) relaxing bath and early night (hopefully!)

a friend is bringing me a tens machine for me to try, thought this would be worth a go on the train after being sat in one place for so long so fingers crossed!

i can access this site via my phone so no doubt i will continue posting while im away!



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