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feeling very tearful

had a rough day had a neuro apt this morning at 9am so had to be up early , then had, my daughter social services assessment for being a young carer, today Ive had enough of being ill, Ive lost my job, nearly lost my marriage , Ive lost my liberty, my friends, and now again I was asked by neuro if I was depressed, my hubby told her I was, even he doesnt understand ,as if anyone suffer this amount of pain wouldnt be depressed, oh forgot to say I now could also be epileptic

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Aww Lally, just want to send you a big gentle hug.

You have been through so much and it also shows how strong you are.

You moan away on here as it helps and we all understand.

thinking of you kel xxx


Sorry to hear your having a thoroughly wrotten time, your allowed to be tearful, it helps sometimes. Thedays my pain is bad, I too feel depressed, and anyone experiencing pain on a daily basis would agree with you to. You mentioned you may be epileptic, how did this come about? Just to let you know that people here understand how you feel and will hopefully give you some support. Take care, rest and look after yourself, Karen x


thanks guys, I had my first seizure in sept it just came up of the blue, being Im now on gabepenthin they dont need to give my any other meds, and its good to talk on here, as I really dont express my feeling very well to family


Hope you soon feel a little more better lally xx I know what you mean about talking to friends and family I feel they think i am moaning or looking for sympathy etc ! Everyone on here is so nice and we all understand

take care



Hope you're feeling a bit better since your posting, Lally. You've had a stressful day in addition to feeling rotten. You're bound to feel done in. I don't know your personal cirx, but I hope you've managed to "put your feet up" for a bit and chill and try and shrug off the tension.

I personally though the neuro asking if you were depressed was a bit like asking if the Pope was catholic! You've had a lot on your plate and surely the neuro could understand that. At least the epilepsy is treatable and hopefully will be stabilised. Meanwhile, just rest and get over today, then start again tomorrow. I hope that coming on this site helps you offload some of your anguish x


Hi lally, Im also epileptic, Im on Keppra for my ep. and just been introduced to gabapentin I think this site is bril for letting off steam or just trying to cheer someone up. My 3 sons are all grown up now go out of their way to keep me cheerful by fair means or foul, it works some of the time as big as they are they still know when to run for cover when Im having a bad day. You take care gentle hugs.


Oh bless you i really want to give you such a gentle hug, you sound so down your dear dear person i know. we all know how you are feeling it is an awful invisible illness that people really have got to start taking seriously, do our family/friends/partners and others really think we enjoy laying in bed in pain all night not being able to go to family events or other outings as we are in so much pain and cant sit/stand for long do they think that when we do manage to get to things that on the way home we may look miserable or sad or worn out because we know hat we are going to go through the next day or week or month because we made the eeort to go, i do hope that you start feeling better soon you know hat i mean by better, and i hope that everyone around look after you but remember on here you aere not alone love to you Diddle x


hi deddle what yiu have just said is me iwant to do things but my body well not let me i live on or in my bed full of pain 24 7 and it makes you so cross becouse you cannot help youself i take about 18 plus meds now been put on ibupofen but i think ive had it along ago and could cope weth the side iffects ihad breast cacer 7years ago masectermy chimo it just made myy fibro and other ailments worse im sorrey i just feel so hopeless and in pain i whish you all well regards.jenny1939


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