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feeling really stressed and unwell

hope you all dont mind but i need a rant im so streesed out at the moment there just seems to be so much going on at the moment not good stuff either i suffer from clinical deppression aswell as fibro,and arthritis in dec i wassent an appointment for a ct scan which i thought if anything wrong ide be notified so ive not botherd to call dr for results,then a couple of days before xmas i got a call from my sons ex telling me her 2 kids my grand boys who are only 1an half and nearly 3yrold had been placed in foster care and ive been on and off the phone to social services they are now back with there mum who stays in england im in scotland ive told her to come up and stay with me so i can help her which she is going to do but social services are making it difficult even though it was originaly there idea,then whilst in the shower i found a lump on my spine my back has been playing up more than usual so i was trying to rub my back when i found this lump i went to gp yesterday apart from checking my back and saying the muscles around the centre of my spine were rock hard she asked wether i had received a letter from the hospital as im to see a speachalist about the results of my ct scan she wouldent say why just that they would explain at this clinic there are also other problems going on to many to write about it just seems one thing after the other im worried sick about everything and im fighting my deppression trying to stay strong but it is soooo hard im actualy shaking with it all i cant sleep properly because of pain and things going round and round in my head i just dont know wat to do i feel so lost its to much.

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every one does get stressed but good to rant on here i do ,but we all support each other which find helps , iv sufferd with depression for years now ,its only a fewweeks back i totley lost it at docters , luckley she understood me .Have the doc given you antideprssion tablets im on fuxatine which does help , allso seeing doc regulery to and chatting to freinds .

hope everything will turn out ok for you .I have family up in scotland to so i no its difficult ,

if you fancy a chat any time ur welcome to contact me ,

gentle hugs xxx tink


thankyou tinkerbell i do find reading other peoples experiances on here a great help and yes im on anti-deppresents have been for many years ciprelex its just like i said though so many things at once its hard enough just dealing with one thing let alone several im feeling preety frustrated to with my disfunctional body i wish and want to do more than i can especially with regards to my grandchildren this try to accept that you can no longer do things you once would have is so grrrrr ! xx


Hi munchkin, I'm sorry you are feeling so down, the fibro is an awful to deal on its own without the depression, it's easy for people to think there is nothing wrong with us and have no idea of the battle we face each day. I to suffer with depression and I do have to take a lot of medication and they can make you feel like a zombie. Perhaps you could have a medication review with your gp, do you see a psychiatric nurse ? If not perhaps your gp could refer you ? I saw one for about two years and she was fantastic in everyway, she took me to the job centre apts and anywhere she could help me. I'm sure you would really benefit as the help with social services and occupational therapist. Failing that you can rant to me anytime xxxxx


thanks pennie i have a support worker from the mentel health people who comes round once a week and i have an appointment with a psychiatrist at the end of the mounth i was getting counciling and even she could beleive just how much has been going on and said its to much to cope with but i cant see what else i can do its honestly one thing after another and has been for some time now im so very tierd of it all and yes even just the fibro is enough with out all this other stuff i kinda feel cornnerd by other people and want scream at them to just leave me alone im fed up of putting a smile on my face and trying to act "normal" they all know i am ill and its very noticeablei can only walk a few steps as i get severe pain in my back,hips.legs.but thax anyhow for your responce i do appreciate it xx


Poor you, you sound really low (understandably) but take heart, things have got a funny way of working themselves out.

A few months ago I was sure that I couldn't cope & that things couldn't improve. Although very different circumstances, things seemed to be going from bad to worse - I even tried suicide, but now, only a few months later, my life is totally different.

Try & get some support, from family, friends, you GP or other support groups. People on this site were amazing, so use us if you need to. It's too hard to do it all alone.

Good luck, I hope things work out for you xxx


Hello Munchkin, I am so sorry you are struggling and feeling bogged down at the moment. Please know that we are here for you at all times and we will always do our best to try to help and support you.

Please take a look at our new blog, I hope you find this useful - it contains suggestions on where to go and who to turn to when we need a bit of help -


Take care and I hope things improve for you really soon.

(((hug))) xxx



thankyou libertyz ive read the blog and found it very informative,it helps just being able to write on here how i am feeling and i appreciate the comments from other people thx again xx


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