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New drugs overcoming fibro becoming available soon?

I have quite severe fibro coupled with a badly damaged left hip joint. I am house bound. Ive tried everything over the years with a lydocaine infusions being the latest. I have had two now and they did nothing.

The good news though is the the private medical pain consultant said there were some new drugs that were coming our way soon. Im seeing him again shortly and will learn learn some more. He wanted to be sure first that the 2nd infusion had not worked. Well I can confirm it did nothing apart from making my skin blotchy for an hour or two after woulds.

Has anyone else heard about these "new" drugs? Im very depressed and cling onto any positive news regarding combating this terrible illness.


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I have severe fibro and other issues so any new drug that don't send you do lally would be great so if you find out let us all know In the mean time keep fighting honey we all know what your going through If you want to no more I can Pm you if you want But all the members here with fibro will help you xxx


CBD is going to Edited By Admin

New opiates being designed without the addictive and tolerance to but still achieving good analgesia.

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Just don't give up on science :)

If any members would like these useful and interesting links please can you send a PM to wispa1a requesting them please


I suppose they are finding new drugs for diseases all the time, whether we'll see them is another thing, we can but hope 😃


Thank you for sharing this information. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really appreciate any updates.

Cwtches (hugs)

M x


I really do feel this year will be the one that comes up with some relief for us bod's!!! x


Hi shushkin

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That is wonderful news my friend. I currently use the MediPen and I have found it does help as long as I do not have too much or it gives me a terrible pounding headache.

wispa1a has a couple of really good links that are worth reading in my opinion as they have some good information on them.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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With Lidnocaine how they do Infusions or injections now there is not enough to cope with Fibro pain. In 2003 I used to have Infusions that were 1 a day for 6 days that lasted about 8 hours, when I had the first 1 I felt like bionic woman in comparison, we used to go in every 6 months I had them for about 8 years but the last few I didn't feel they were working as well so decided to stop them, pretty soon after the funding was stopped and they had to stop them.

I went to pain clinic again for 1st time a couple of weeks ago, when I eventually saw consultant she was going through different things saying oh you have tried that etc. She said I'll ask your dr to prescribe this new treatment, but he may not be able to, she didn't tell me what it was though. Now letter has arrived at my gp I am going in to see him Wednesday so if it is something new & dr prescribes it I will lyk, even if he says he can't prescribe it I'll try and find out what it is & post on here


Could be opiate based, some GPs are very strict with what they prescribe.

I believe some controlled drugs need a qualified position in drug rehabilitation. So if you ever wish to they can.

Years ago I used a surgery that wanted me to sign a contract saying I will never ask or be given controlled drug's.


I am already on

Morphine so not sure what it could be, tried

Fentanyl Patches helped but because I suffer from hyperhydrosis ( excessive sweating) they kept falling off before the 3 days were up

The patches starting with B

OxyContin- helped with pain a lot but caused me to have hallucinations & strange sensations

Tramadol which I was on for many years

So hoping it is a new drug that even if I can't get it I find out the name which may help someone else


A new drug will be great - if it works without all the unpleasant and addictive side effects. I'm hoping for the impossible! I have not been offered lydocaine infusions. The pain clinic, more or less, has given up on my fibro - one of those mystery illnesses, unexplainable and therefore ignorable. Cynical or what? Hope something works soon, we all need help. We all need our lives back. Please keep us updated. Have a great pain free day. Helen X


Thanks for all the nice responses. I appreciate them. I suspect your right that it is another opiate. I seem to react negatively to pretty much all drugs. The Consultant couldn't believe I even managed to react to the lidocaine. He said it couldn't cause a reaction. Trust me! I will definitely let you all know what I learn. I've got everything crossed something good is coming our way this year that doesn't have horrid side effects. A drug that we can all access.


I hope so.

A drug that can dampen the joint pains, buzzy head, nerve pain (bee stings) etc.

Gentle fingers crossed x.


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