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Feeling tearful and lost my post

I wrote my post and lost it.feeling tearful tonight .thinking when am i going to get answers and GPS admit they are wrong?scans cannot be 100% or they would have detected the gallstones. I dont believe my swollen abdomen is the result of recent diagnoses of hiatus hernia,gastritis.duodenitis and diverticulitis as I have had swollen abdo for a lot longer than two years.this is when i had first lot of scans.the drs put everything down to diet and despite telling them-that is gp's hospital consultants-that it is not and never changing my story unlike gps saying different things -it is then some reason fro my 3 stone weight gain.

I wake every morning to a swollen face and think why have I got bone growth in my nose and browbone.I am seeing a consultant re my hands on 24th but think that is only for CTS.I'm hoping they will see that my hands are swollen and have thickened skin -signs of acromegaly-and at least give me the chance to tell of symptoms

The Dr I saw today for choking fits has referred me to them speech and language dept.?

Not lookng froward to the appt I ahev booked with my own gp - now on the 24th cos I want answers for my swelling and bone growth etc.

Concern for my oldest dog - he refused two walks in 2 days and wasnt bothered about being left at legs are more swollen today this could be from cysts.know I am not going to sleep tonight.

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Hi anbuma3

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so ow today, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I also want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


hi Ken.thank you so much for your kind words.are you up late like me (and early cos wake at 5 every morning )cos altho tired know you wont sleep for whatever reason? i don't think I will ever get there 100% cos e.g. gps don't consider that although previous scans appear to be normal something else could happen after a scan.lack of support from them is a when referred for a reason and not given a diagnosis and gp doesn't back me up.


My heart went out to u when I read ur post a this the way iv been feeling,sick of going to the docs sick of everyday being the same,lousy,wishing someone would help me ,sick of being in pain,but yet we carry on ,and w must for one day things will be better my love,don't despair, hugs xxxx


Hi Megs64.

thank you s only my friends here who help me with their support and it seems we are the only ones who know what we go thru. gps don't always get things right and sometimes their attitude stinks.i am so glad I have my dogs too -if I didn't i probably wouldn't get up each day.

altho i had a discussion with my gp to resolve issues it was still only one sided where he said to write down the 3 most important symptoms (?) I was concerned about but not about things he had said to me which were unprofessional and unacceptable.there are so many possible causes for the same symptoms etc but they don't consider all possible reasons.

I hope to he will listen to me when I next see him and accept some responsibility for his comments etc.


Just a thought - is it possible for you to take someone with you to these appointments? I've found that sometimes Doctors listen more when there is someone else there to share your concerns. Stay strong, its tough but you can do it (let's face it we have to cope as there's no alternative)

(((gentle hugs)))

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hi Lucyhobbit.

not really.i don't have much support from family and I do have a couple of good friends btu don't feel I d want anyone with me.i am ok most days btu then have a bad day when the thoughts going round in my head get on top of me.


Hi Anbuma, hope you are feeling better this morning. Have you thought of writing all your symptoms down as a list then writing a paragraph at the bottom describing how they affect your life and make you feel, I have done this with each specialist and with my GP, it gives them something to go by, some structure for your appointment, and it helps you come away from your appointment feeling that you were more in control of it rather than kicking yourself for missing things out. Gentle hugs.

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Hi sophie

yes not bad.

feeling exhausted after walking my Annie.gave her a fairly long walk and a bit of a run around .my other dog didn't want to go out. i do write things down each time I go just to refer to before I go many occasions how it affects my living.thereagain on few occasions my gp has looked at my lists and not provided answers/taken me seriously.i will do so for my next appt and hope he will discuss things with me in a rational manner,id like to say that he owes me an apology for not accepting my symptoms cos if he had my recent diagnoses would have been discovered two years ago and saying things like its your stomach etc leads me to seek advice elsewhere and research on the internet.but if the situation arises where he says something during the course of the appt then I can say im due an apology.


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