should i bother going to docs ?

for over a week now ive had a really painful neck ,started last saturday when my daughter took the wrong bus and got lost .i know ive got it cause of stress but it normally goes by now ,and is driving me potty ,i cant sleep cant turn my head its soooo painful .

do you think its worth going to docs ,just for him to say its just another fibro sympton .

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  • hey lynz i say if it is really is agravating you, sound like it is hun, best to get it checked. if in doubt always get seek medical advice. if they put it down to fibro so be it, but if something else you will be able to get advice & best treatment. have a gd day hun. x lou x

  • thank you jules and lou xxx

  • I have a pain relieving gel from my docs and use for times like this and it does help. when he first gave me it I thought he was mad, was i going to rub this stuff all over but I have found it has its uses. Its worth keeping in.

    Hope your neck is soon better

  • I would deff get it looked at you have suffered with it long enough so make that appointment if you haven't already!

    Hugs Ruby xx

  • always best to get looked at ! mine went 3 times from feb 2011 and had severe tingling etc and ended with an MRI which showed disc pressing on my spinal cord with compression on nerves.. always best to have checked the docs will know whether it is muscle or anything else and how far to take the matter, should never ignore if you can't move aswell.. Goodluck ..just explain your symptoms exactly as they are

  • thanks everyone :) ,have an appointment at 5.10 today let you know how i get on

  • Was just going to tell you to go to the! :-D

    Hope you get an answer sweetie xxxx

  • Hope it gets sorted out & you have less pain

  • Hi if it has been all this time i would go to the Gp if only for him to say hi fibro bye least you will feel happier love tp you diddle x

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