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very proud of myself :)

ive struggled with my weight alot and especially not being able to exercise as much cause of fibro ,

but over the past two yrs and its been a really hard but ,ive managed to shed 3 dress sizes ! :-D

iam so chuft ! iwent shopping yesterday and bought size 14 clothes !

it was a real buzz :)

i must admit i havnt been up the city to shop for along time so i did struggle

and found it quite daunting at times but i did it ! yay me

:-D :) :-P

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well done you! although im sure you looked lovely anyway :) x


aww thanks :-D


Big like to this comment!!!!!! xx


Well done you!!!!! I'm really pleased for you :-D its a heck of a feeling when you can buy clothes you only though of wearing... xxx

Big (gentle) pat on the back!!!!!!!


thank you :) xx


Well done you, thats fab!!!!!!

I'm trying to lose weight aswell and it's taking me ages, have lost 2st so far and that taken me about 15mths!!!

So happy for you, you've done really well!! (I've got down to size 16 so hopefull 14 woun't be to far away) :o)


Well done to you too jessy.

They do say the slower you loose it the more likely it will stay off so you are doing it the right way. :)

kel xxx


yay well done ! :) make sure you tell us :-D


very good Lynz! :) you are an example to us all. xxx


thank you xx


Lynz that is fab. :)

Well done you i bet your chuffed to bits.

I wish i had your will power. I have went up two dress sizes in a year and i am only 5ft1 so every pound shows so bad.

How did you do it hun?

kel xxx


the slimming world diet ,i find its the easiest for me cause you can still eat quite alot lol :)


lol, thats a kind of diet i need. :)

The only thing is though i need chocolate in mine, i would do mad if i didnt have my once a day choc fix.

kel xxx


well done you, the best buzz in the world. i am slowly losing the pounds, only dreaming of getting into a 14, id be screaming top shop down if i ever get there lol (cant shop in there at mo) thing about being a 14. you can shop any where how exciting. have fun, big hugs lou x


lol i know what you meen couple of weeks ago i went in to a clothes shop (had no money lol) but tried a size 14 pair of jeans on and i was so chuffed

the only person with me was my two yr old and he had really no idea why i was so excited i even told the poor girl on the changing rooms she must of thought i was barmy lol :)

well done to you too :)


lol, bless ya, I noticed above your doing slimming world, i have just dusted off my old books & looking at nice summer clothes for motivation ( i have no money either, but can dream).

I lost around 3 st on this ( four years ago, before my wedding). But you know how it is, it starts to creep back on and before you know it i am back to shapeless, unfashionable clothes.

Id just buy a bigger size and cut the labels out lol

Now i just need to get on with it . Love the principle of it. So now have to put principle into action. You have inspired me, i let you know, how i get on nxt wk.

Like Kel, my weakness is choccy so, must say to my self. "step away from the chocolate, Step away from the chocolate" mmm wonder if it will work.

Lou x


Haha it never works for me lol.

I am like a magnet to it, i am dreading easter as my kids eat the sweets and i end up eating the eggs. lol

kel xxx


well done hun :) you are so good i have gone from size 8 to 16 i have been on deit and put 9 pounds on so hay now we have a super star in are mists good you are so good well done hunny and you stay strong


So pleased for u..... go spoil urself u deserve it and go somewhere nice, with someone special in ur new threads and enjoy....:) M x


I am the worlds best yo yo dieter! Hats off to you for stickig at it! - wooooo hooooooo xx


thank you all so much for the well dones ! it feels just as good as getting my size 14 jeans on :)

i did it with slimming world but i didnt go to meetings i went once to get the new book naughty i know lol

i chose to do the extra easy plan which is dead easy cause theres no measuring as long as your plate is piled high with the free foods like veg etc you can have your spagbol or giant steak lol

you also get your sins which i tried to save up

also some one i know said you should have a treat day to confuse your body in to thinking its not on a diet any more

i did the sw diet and one treat night a week and i lost a stone since january

also if you have a bad day on the diet dont think like i used to "oh well i shant bother now i start again on monday " (how many times ive said that in past ive lost count lol)

anyway just draw a line under it dont feel guilty and get back on track the nxt available meal

i hope this helps :)

also for the chocky lovers this might help

get some zero fat plain yogurt

canderal sweetener

hot chocolate options sachet

put some yogurt in a bowl add the options and sweetner to taste (depending on your sweet tooth ) and you have a yummy chocolaty dessert

on the slimming world diet all you have to count is the options

gentle hugs to all xxxxxx


i nearly forgot to say also try not to eat late at night and also if your a fruit lover try to eat it on an empty stomach cause it digests easier if you eat it on a full stomach it fements yuk !


lynz well done to you girl you must be so proud...

my heart goes out to you with happiness....

i lost half a stone in two wks and feel good about that , :)


bloody well done you, Lynz, that's fantastic! Hope you enjoyed the buzz of the shopping trip even if it wore you out :-)

I managed to lose 5st over 2 year period, but unfortunately have put 3st of it back on since Dec 2010 when I had to give up work. My shortlived toned bum and legs have suffered, not to mention my gut! I'd be on a diet if my BF didn't keep buying me choc treats and starch from the bargain cabinet. I've begged him not to and he says he'll stop.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your new self xx


thank you sammicat thats the hardest part isnt it keeping it off :(

especially when you feel rubbish most of time lol all you want to do is tuck in to comfort food

but im really determined ,fingers crossed lol i keep it off :-D


Well done Lynz, i am desperate to loose a few stone but especially when my fibro is playing up I know my diet is not the best cos I just havn't got the strength or inclination to get sensible meals. I also get times when I absolutly crave sweet foods which is very unusual cos I never had a sweet tooth before. Some days I could live on cadbury chocolate!! xx

Been referred to the weight management clinic (or fat clinic as I prefer to call it) so willl see what happens when I see them xx


Good luck at the weight management clinic, Ang. I attended one for about 6 months up in Dunstable. I'd lost a stone by then. They put me on the milk diet for the first 3 months, then slowly introduced food over the following 3 months. I managed to lose 3 stones with them - they aim for 1-2 pounds per week. They like to see you every 3 weeks and are at the end of the phone if you need them. However, after I missed one appt due to migraine, they banned me from attending anymore! I lost a further stone on my own before the rot set in and my fibro kicked into high gear when I got really stressed (divorce/work/relocation/househunting etc).

anyway, attending a clinic regularly is good as they do bloods to check for diabetes/thyroid etc, give you nutritional advice and take your meds into account. you can consult with a nurse, a dietician or a doctor. my doctor was an endocrinologist who checked whether my weight was due to something other than food :-D sadly it wasn't :-/ sigh....


Thanks for this Sammicat, gives me some encouragement although I dont know about a milk diet for three months!! Thyroid runs in my family so mine was checked recently and came back ok, was clutching at straws that this may be a reason the weight is going on. I know meds cause problems with weight as my GP put me on an antidepressant some time ago and I put on weight almost immediately and have never lost it. It also caused water retention in my feet, ankles and hands so that one was stopped and another one started. Problem is when you take so much medication you dont know what causes what.

Assuming I get skinnier any time soon I will let you know. xx


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