Who is on the Pill??

Is anyone on a combined pill?

Or is anyone on the progesterone only pill?

Sorry guys this question does not appy to you!!

I went to the drs today asking for a repeat script for Marvelon the Pill I take and the nurse refused to give it to me on the basis that I have been suffering from severe headaches. She stated that as your blood vessel go into spasm when you have a migrane if you take a combined pill you are more prone to blood clots and then stroke so she advised me to take the progesterone only pill.

I was really pleased she spotted this as my GP hadn't!!!!

So just thought I would put it on here just incase any of you are on the combined and may want to make sure you are safe on it.

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  • Thats ok Rach i am sure the guys wont mind you asking a ladies only question :)

    If i was on the pill i think my wife would get VERY worried about me LOL :)

    CHORLEY :) x

  • I'm sure she would!!!......and many others too!!!

  • Hi Rach! when i arrived in Uk my Drª tell me the same and now I take progesterone one.

  • Paula, that is fantastic that they picked that up for you!! x

  • I was on combined and a migraine sufferer and when i moved to Wales and had a well-woman check at new docs the nurse said the same. Put me on minipill but it didn't suit me so they suggested the depo jab and I've been having that ever since. No periods at all (and therefore no cramps which is nice not to have that little extra insult of pain every 4 weeks).

    Spirit x x x

  • Can I ask why the minipill didn't suit ?? ...as that is whay I have been placed on. The nurse said she would re assess me in 3 months time, however mentioned that 1/3 of women may suffer from periods all month, 1/3 may have a normal period and the last third have no periods. I hope I am in the latter catagory ( spelling??)...I will have to wait and see.

    Lucky you with no periods and no pain!! xx

  • I had near constant bleeding and when i wasn't bleeding I was ovulating and the ovulation pain was even worse than the period pain.

    Wouldn't say no pain, but at least i don't have that to contend with as well lol xx

  • ok i am not thick but i thought the pill was the pill i don't know what your talking about.

    i am on the depo injection every 12 weeks is that one ok?

  • Hi Dobby, there are combined pills which contain eastrogen and progesterone and there is a mini pill or POP ( progesterone only pill) which obviously only contains progesterone.

    With a POP your body uses it's own eastrogen hormone which is naturally produced.

    Hope this sort of helps.

  • That's what I have Dobby and it works really well for me :)

  • thanks spirit

    does that mean its ok to carry on with it then i think i would be lost without it

  • Hi rachel,

    My gp put me on the mini pill years ago and it suits me fine especially with all my other meds.

    I dont have periods at all on it and i hope i never have them again as the were horrendous.

    Its the best move i made hun.

    Hope it works for you fingers crossed.

    kel xxxx

  • Dobby - couldn't possibly say if you're *okay* to be on it, but it has been good for me where the progesterone only pill was frankly pants. (Depo is progesterone jab btw) I think it's all horses for courses - same as with our other meds.

    I was seriously considering sterilisation and when I told my gp he said had I not considered other things. I hadn't as no-one had mentioned them before - just pill and mini pill. Damn straight I'm glad i didn't have the op cos every blinking scar I have (even from a scratch) hurts like hell..!

    Spirit x x x

  • Hi there

    I am new to this site so bear with me. Was on the combined pill since the age of 19, I came off it recently and will be 34 in September. Was advised by my immunologist to come off it due to my m.e and fibromyalgia becoming worse and the fact that I am needing more meds which may react with the pill which may have been causing heavy bleeding whilst on a period. Since I have come off the pill the bleeding is still really heavy and i have terrible headaches but do have slightly more energy so was he right or wrong? Do you have the opportunity to see an immunologist or so you see one already? Not all but the majority of nurses and Gp's really do not understand M.E and Fibromyalgia but I don't think we can blame them for that. Not sure if this has helped or not? Nickiax

  • Hi, thanks for your response. I have not seem an immunologist, however I am waiting to see a headache specialist, so I will bring the issue up it him. I wlll just see how I go.

    My nurse seemed quite knowledgeable as she stated she studied neurology and is a migraine sufferer herself. GP's..pahhhh....yeah I question myself what they know sometimes. Maybe only which tablet does what. They are too quick to mask problems than find the root problem!!!! x

  • i was told similar, as when you reach certain age, usually 35, they do like you to change over too other type of pill as it reduces risk of deep vein wotsit and other nasty complimications. I didnt get on with it at all, even though i tried a few, ie pmts etc. Nurse mentioned having the depo injection and am so glad she did! no pmt, no period and one less tablet to take a day (or remember to take) and when youre on bout 20 daily, thats great help. I used to suffer mega bad with migraines, but thats one and only good thing about taking an anti depressant, touch wood, i havent had a migraine since. But like has already been said its horses for courses...xxx

  • Keep my fingers cossed for you then and hope no more migranes.

    Love you deep vein wotsit.....made me laugh, not at you, but the great wording!!!! xx

  • Sorry Rach made me giggle when I read 'who is on the pill' My funny thoughts were she has left the 's'of pills lol. What a strange question thinks me we are all on pills. Stupid to write this I know but this was just my sense of humour going haywire agasin lol. Take care

  • hahaha, don't worry, no offence taken....I often miss out words when reading or read something completely different. I think I answered a question and completly ballsed up....hoping no one will notice!!!


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