Is anyone watching the olympic opening ceremoiny later today ???? i am afraid i wont be watching i am not one for sport although i think it is lovely and seems to have brought alot of pleasure to people i am not interested but pleased for those that are !!

i will probably get my head bitten off now as i am probably the only one in britain not watching lol but cant all like everything and for me the olympics merans nothing but that is my choice

oh well i hope you all enjoy it if you are watching and i hope team GB bring home alot of gold medals

love diddle xxx

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  • meeeeeeeeeee

  • nope there are people starving and committing suicide in this country whilst are government fritters billions so nope :-(

  • I won't be watching either. Not for any other reason other than I am just not interested in those sports. I love the Winter Olympics with the skiing and ice skating etc. I hope we do well though, I am patriotic. :D

  • If we can get our daughter to sleep were going to watch it. There's a drinking game to go with it to make it more fun. Drink a finger if Boris says something silly, drink 2 fingers if an animal has a poop. Looking forward to it!

  • lol love diddle

  • Oops I am watching it after all as hubby wanted to see it! Guess what, I'm hooked already! It's going to be very impressive to watch, it's history in the making after all! :)

    Haha Simon! :D

  • I will be watching the opening ceremony, but only to see how much of it goes wrong!! I really do hope it's good though,

  • Well I've been watching it for over 4 hours now in between checking posts here etc., and it's been perfect, no hitches at all. Really impressive, so different to anything before. I've never really seen this much of an opening ceremony before, but all in all this has been a true representation of the UK, history through the ages, films, music, famous people and events. The way the scenes changed have been great too. Great planning. I didn't expect to like it this much, so pleased I've seen it now. :D Come on Team GB!!! ;)

  • yes my partner said it has been really good very different to whast he expected so glad you enjoyed it love diddle and lets hope we get lots of gold i agree come on gb love diddle xxxx

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