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I have gone down hill rapidly i the last 2 hours i think i have just fallen asleep for an hour in the chair which is a def sign that Diddle is not well as i never sleep in the day unless i am ill

it is jus me and the doggy here my daughter is at work and she going to meet her friend at a tattoo shop straight after work so i am now gonna give my doggy his tea and take him up the road then i havent got to go out anymore she ill take him when she gets home for me bless her

i think i may be a chest infection and flu but it is hard to tell with fibro as i got aches everywhere all my ankles

i am taking my phone out with me in case i take ill out i only go for 5 mins up the road but better be safe than sorry

you take care and will be back soon i expect love Diddle x

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take care love, wrap up warm and have a rest laterxxx

O dear diddle, you should take yourself off to bed , take a drink with you and close your eyes and rest even if you dont dose off your body will know its resting even put the radio on and listen to something thatnwill distract you i like radio 4Take care of your self hun, hugs poppy xx

Diddle if it gets worse you must get checked out.


Sue x x x

thankyou all for your thoughtts i have been checked today at doctor but if i feel worse i will call my parents as my partner and daughter at work until 5 pm and 6 pm dont worry if i go off line for a bit i will keep checking in if i can so you dont worry but if i do go off i will be ok i got my parents and sister 5 mins away in a car and i not silly i will call them before i get in the bath to call me when i am in it or 15 mins after so they know i am ok

love to you all diddle xxx

Go to bed, take a hot water bottle and your phone. Sleep if you can until your partner and daughter come home to pamper you! xxxx

Sorry to hear you are not well Diddle :(

Hope you feel better very soon. Take care of yourself xx

hope you get better soon love and hugs xx

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