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Tired of premenstrual abdominal cramps going on and on

I am now 54 and the premenstrual pain now goes on for weeks (or at least it did last month). I'm now on Day 33. I take CoCodomol and Nurofen but try not to take them every day so I can save them for when I need to go out or do some activity. The doctor prescribed me some Pro-Juven (progesterone cream) though can't notice any big changes yet although it is early days.

Anyone else experience similar?

Thanks. x

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Lots of women have this distressing problem, Kirby. I do sympathise!

As you are 54, I'm wondering whether your GP would consider referring you to a gynaecologist with a view to hysterectomy?

This op certainly saved me a great deal of misery and ill-health, and the operation itself was no big deal. I was up and around after 24 hours and though I was a bit sore, I can't say I had any real pain.

I'm not sure there's much else that could be done to help you, other than endless pills and potions, so maybe it's time to go and bully your GP a bit!

Best of luck

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy.

I have a real phobia re hospitals and ops, that's why I put off with the pain. I think my GP knows by now about my medical phobias, couldn't even have a smear so that's probably why she's not suggested it.

But maybe if it goes on and on...I am hoping once my periods stop that will be an end to it!


Kirby x


Ops are a piece of cake - you don't have to worry at all, just lie back and let the experts take care of everything.

I've had quite a few bouts of surgery, and have always felt OK, never had severe pain, always been well looked after.

I put up with heavy bleeding and pain for five years, and having a hysterectomy was like being let out of jail.

I know this is hardly likely to reassure you if you have a phobia, but I'm just saying. You can always have some really heavy sedation to keep you calm until it's all done - lovely!

Moffy x


As the pain has gone on for 33 days (have I understood that right) it seems to me to be more than PM cramps? Have you been checked for fibroids?

Or ovarian cysts?

I get tummy twinges that feel a bit like PM cramps I suppose, but they are my gut and either IBS, related or if I have a lot of sugar so Candida related.

I can also get it if my adrenalin is out of control. I can get adrenal pain along with the dizziness and sudden exhaustion.

Just thinking maybe there's somethingng else going on?

If I keep to a diet I've been given its improved to me. Being able to forget about it.

Mushroom are a big culpret. Caffiene is another.

I had a meat based dinner last night. Home made beef burgers! That's given me twinges today. I tend to stick with fish now.

I do have fibroids so still flood. I have tranexamic acid tablets which I take during flow. They enable me to go out without embarrassing mishaps.

No idea if that helps you x I hope you find some real answers soon. X


Thanks Stepper. No, the pain's not gone on for 33 days. I meant that it is 33 days since I last had a period (more than that now!) so the longer it takes to come, the more the pain is dragged out. I have always had bad PM pains but at the age I am now it seems to be dragging out much more.



Yes I'm 52 and waiting to stop too. My symptoms are certainly worse around hormone time.... I say hormone time because that's a lot longer than period time. I suppose menopause is going to chuck up all sorts of new and unpleasant symptoms....

I did try to pre empt it a bit and tried the marina coil for a couple of years. My thinking was that it would stabilise the hormones so I wouldn't get the hormone burst....but it just gave me ALL the hormone symptoms all the time instead !

So I'm working on detoxing instead....

Good luck finding some answers xxx



I also had a lot of problems with cramps and haphazard and heavy periods. I finally had a hysterectomy 18 months ago, and it solved a lot of problems. Because I am only 47 now, they were reluctant to do it, even though it was something I had requested for years. I don`t have any children, so perhaps they thought I might change my mind.

It was a sad day, but I knew that it was the start of me taking care of myself.

Good luck, I hope there is a positive outcome for you too. :o) Sx


Thanks Sharolina.

As I mentioned above, I have a serious phobia about medical procedures, so ops would be off the scale. Even seeing the doctor is difficult enough so I would prefer not to go down that road unless the GP thinks there's no other alternative. She's not ever mentioned it.



Unfortunately, you are in a catch 22 situation!

But eventually you may well have to make that choice; of overcoming your phobia and asking/agreeing to have surgery; or continue the rest of of your life feeling the way you do now. Take a friend for moral support to doctors appointments, or start practicing breathing exercises, this may help to ease your fear in these situations. But whatever you choose, it has to feel right, and be what is best for you.

I appreciate that this IS a big deal for you, but this illness steals from us, it steals our joy, our happiness and the basic physical abilities that we need to function. So in the end, for me, the decision was simple one to make.

I wish you well.



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