The King is on the forum

The King is on the forum

After the valentines thread in which Malajusted cracked the code first she asked for a music thread.. So here M just for you.... Of course with these theads they don't have to make much sense but today's must include an Elvis song title thrown in somewhere. So M after leaving me standing on THE EDGE OF REALITY I,ll go and eat more sausage rolls


VG x

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  • Oh great - my feet hurt, but I'll still have to wear my BLUE SUEDE SHOES! I'm making more sausage rolls, we're gonna need 'em - and trifle! :)

    Moffy x

  • DON'T BE CRUEL . I am sick of sausage rolls some how my age has been calculated at 77 by KazF and 200 by M and have been sent this amount of sausage rolls. Is there an emoticon for feeling sick???

  • Yes, there is one- but I dunno how to do it!

    Have a mint tea instead - we'll look after the champers and all the smoked salmon!

    Now - If you take 77 from 200, you'll only be 123. Or you could add them together and you'd only be 277. Hmmm - that's a lotta candles

    Moffy x

  • Then you add 1,2 and 3 =6!

  • Great idea , throws away the sausage rolls and has jelly and ice cream :)

  • Thought it might help

  • Ahah! I've spotted the flaw in your maths Moffy - you didn't take it far enough. In order to calculate VG's age - you have to do it this way...

    77 + 200 = 277;

    2+7+7 = 16;

    1+6 = 7

    That sounds more likely

  • Ah! that's right, You are hereby appointed as maths specialist to the Fantasy Factory. Not that anything here ever adds up! :D

  • Do we have to eat blue suede shoes - oops sausage rolls -I hate the calculators I have a lovely age be proud of it like me I am only 5 8 or so that is just my shoe size. No good at music clues sorry

  • You are just a slip of a girl, Gins!

    I think I'm the oldest old biddy on the board at 64 - they will probably pension me off soon.

    Getting old has some good points, like a bus pass, free prescriptions, and the freedom to be a wicked old lady. The hot flushes are pretty good too - I save a fortune on heating bills!

    Love Moffy x

  • Where's that HOUND DOG maladjusted today and ok ok I am 48 today ... I will celebrate my birthday but my fibro is NOT having a party in June.. When it will be 23...

  • I've been in the HEARTBREAK HOTEL (otherwise known as my kitchen) trying to get it clean, but don't worry YOU WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND. I need to get myself ALL SHOOK UP in the shower now, because I've got that DIRTY DIRTY FEELING. I FEEL SO BAD that I can't stick around this afternoon, but I must go shopping for a TEDDY BEAR, or some kind of GOOD LUCK CHARM as a gift for the new baby next door, it will be home today so IT'S NOW OR NEVER, so a LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION from me for now, and will hopefully catch you all later

  • That is SOOOO clever!

  • <sulks> You haven't left us any titles, Mal!

    Hang on a minnit, What about GI BLUES - was that a song or a film?

    Could be relevant here, 'cos Gastro -Intestinal Blues is what we are all going to have after all those sausage rolls!

  • Then tomorrow we'll all be CRYING IN THE CHAPEL

  • I,m coming to save you Angel, WE,LL GET BACK HOME SOMEHOW,


  • There are hundreds of elvis songs I googled them all on a list to make sure there were enough to do a thread, and I think we now have enough sausage rolls to last us until BLUE CHRISTMAS. :(

  • my choice comes WAY DOWN the list because I've A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION these days due to too many saussie rolls - where's my piece of cake?

  • Umm I,m afraid all the cake is hidden BEHIND THE REEF


  • Yes but it's only visible in a DARK MOON

  • Smart idea - yup he recorded a lot. which I didn't know about.

    I'm the MEANEST GIRL IN TOWN, so you can just pass me the MONEY HONEY, and TAKE ME TO THE FAIR!

  • ALRIGHT, OK YOU WIN , I,ll take you to the fair..just as long as you don't show me up at the coconut stall like you did last year

  • Blushes.

    Well, I can't afford to have my boobs enlarged, so what else was I supposed to do with the two coconuts?

    I was alright until the elastic snapped and they ended up in my knickers - oh the shame!


  • It took me a while to think about this, because Only Fools Rush In, but then I realised that the King must have had fibro which he referred to as the Devil In Disguise. He tried to get over it with a Change of Habit, but discovered that It Keeps Right On A’Hurtin’. So then he started taking the meds, and ending up Shake Rattle and Roll-ing! Feeling sad about the effect of the illness on his lie he decided to Return to Sender, but that didn’t work, so he had to Just Pretend, while wishing For The Good Times to come back.

    Well, after Thursday’s excursion to Bletchley Park, there’s a few of the gals here who may be pining for their GI Blues. Me, I’ve had enough, I’m off for a spot of sunshine in paradise, I’m going to become a Rock-a-Hula Baby. :-8

  • You're just too clever, Kaz! :)

  • Please Kaz take moffy with you I am stuck in COTTON CANDY LAND at the fair so I,ll just hang around here looking for my BROWN EYED HANDSOME MAN.

  • Come on Moffy - let's Tennessee Waltz out of here to a World of our Own!

    How do you fancy Fun in Acapulco? Or do you think there's a risk that VG will get up to Too Much Monkey Business while we're gone? :-/

  • We should go DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE, where we can be OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. I need to go somewhere quiet, because I have a nasty hereditary complaint called INHERIT THE WIND - very embarrassing in crowded places!

  • With a problem like that, you need to have a LITTLE CABIN ON THE HILL. Or, being a grand dame, maybe it should be the MANSION OVER THE HILLTOP. In any case, you will definitely have to CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACKYARD. :-p



    Let's get together with the GUITAR MAN, we're going to sing a very special song, just for VG - SONG OF THE SHRIMP! :-/


  • I,m hiding away CRYING IN THE CHAPEL with tears of laughter over moffy and her wind and the thought of Kaz supervising while moffy cleans up the mess


  • too busy trying to get this choir ready to serenade you! I have a SUSPICION it will end up NOTHING LIKE A SONG. You'll be crying on the other side of your face then!

  • Awaiting the choir eagerly I am all dressed up and ready I have A CANE AND A HIGH STARCHED COLLAR, very surprising birthday presents....

    I think I can smell moffy getting near.... :(

  • Uh-oh! T-R-O-U-B-L-E


  • IF I CAN DREAM I'd meet Elvis in his gi blues days.

  • Wasn't that when he had his WOODEN HEART????

  • And after all that I cannot think of any lol. Have I missed someones birthday?????

  • if I hace Elvis, Pete Duel and David Cassidy I've got AN AMERICAN TRILOGY :D

  • Rofl ozzygirl, its lees ( forum member) and mine today except ,, lee remembered I managed to forget my own birthday ... Good job I am not LONESOME TONIGHT

    Shakes head....

  • don't shake, rattle & roll your head or you'll be ALL SHOOK UP!

    I'm sure Elvis has sung this many times


    Lee & VG :D

  • oos! hace = have

  • That's AMAZING GRACE sorry I meant Sandra ;)

  • There was also my father's favorite SUSPICIOUS MINDS, he requested it for his funeral as it was his favorite. The looks people made at my mum, bless her. They had only at the time of his death been married for 46 years and been together 49 years.

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